While Nicole Scherzinger politely and calmly tweeted her thoughts about leaving X-Factor, debates over whether she was fired by Simon Cowell or really deserved to leave have been raging among fans and non-fans.

After the shocking (or not so shocking) news broke that the singer would not be returning to the show, Scherzinger spoke up by tweeting to her fans, I wanted to let you know directly from me that it's true I won't be returning to The X Factor. Looking forward to an exciting year ahead and making great music and more! I'm grateful for the love you always give me.

She did not specify why she left the show.

Fans have moaned and complained about the singer's departure.

Nicole, there will be no reason to watch without you! It appears to be the only way Simon can win his own show! Our loss!! wrote a fan on Scherzinger's Facebook fan page.

You mess with NicoleScherzy, you're gonna get HELLA backlash from her #KillerLovers. Watch out! tweeted another to Scherzinger's handle, @NicoleScherzy.

However, some claim that Scherzinger never had the X-factor in the first place, and was bound to be shown the exit.

Nice, they got smart and gave you the boot, not sorry to hear this at all, someone commented on Scherzinger's Face Book fan page.  

According to the Chicago Sun Times, an X-Factor staffer said that while Steve knew he wasn't coming back [and] realized that sadly he just didn't connect with the U.S. audience - everyone was stunned that Nicole thought she'd be back for the second season.

On top of being an impossible diva to work with, so many fans really hated her - especially after her vote led to [popular young contestant] Rachel Crow being eliminated, the staffer added:

Perez Hilton, who has pounced on the opportunity by tweeting to Simon Cowell that he would be an ideal replacement on the show, commented on his Web site: While we were shocked to see Paula Abdul as one of those fired from X Factor, we weren't so surprised to see Nicole Scherzinger get the boot. In fact, we expected it.