Oprah Winfrey confronts 50 Cent about who his dog Oprah is named after in an interview set to air Sunday at 9 p.m. on OWN. If you need more than one guess, please don't continue reading.

The two famously had a feud over 50 Cent's vocabulary, as Oprah counted him among rappers she lambasted for using smatterings of the N-word and calling women what his actual female dog is in their lyrics.

I heard you have a dog named Oprah, the talk show host said. I consider that a compliment, whether you meant it to be one or not.

Yeah, I love you, 50 Cent responded.

Yeah, I heard you have a bitch named 'Oprah,' the TV titan later added.

Fiddy also copped to having a cat named Gayle, presumably after Oprah's longtime friend Gayle King.

When asked why he named the dog Oprah, 50 said, At the time, I was just looking at the situation, and I saw I was developing negative feelings for someone who doesn't even know me ... and I gave it to the dog.

Fiddy admitted to babying his Oprah, going so far as to hiring a babysitter for his miniature Schnauzer.

The rapper also has a Twitter account for the dog, where he posts photos and tweets from the dog's perspective.

There have even been a couple of jabs at Oprah the person. But the two have apparently buried the hatchet, with 50 admitting he's admired the venerated TV fixture for some time.

I would see moments where you would discuss your feelings on the culture, and everything that was wrong with the culture was on my CD, Fiddy said on the show. And I was like, 'She doesn't like me.'

Fiddy admitted to having a softer side that conflicts with the tough-guy persona he puts on out on his records, as many rappers are wont to do.

I've always had to be two people, he said. I've had to be my grandmother's baby in the house and be more like what people perceive 50 Cent as outside. I'm not even allowed to curse around her.

The rapper even shows love for his grandmother in endearing ways, and admits he's got a knack for painting her toenails after he's been pushing back her cuticles for years.

I could paint a toenail like we're in a nail shop, he said.

Why 50 Cent Named His Dog Oprah

He's got a schnauzer named Oprah and a cat named Gayle. Watch as rapper 50 Cent explains why he chose these names for his pets—and why Oprah takes it as a compliment (whether he meant it as one or not).