Veteran Oscar host Billy Crystal didn't disappoint on Sunday night. He sang, he danced, and he held his own in the face of Bridesmaids actress Melissa McCarthy's seductive ways.

And he wasn't the only one who brought on the funny.

Here are some of the funniest moments of the 2012 Academy Awards.

Robert Downey, Jr. filming a documentary

Downey, Jr., never one to disappoint on or off the screen, pretended he was shooting a documentary titled The Presenter while he and Gwyneth Paltrow presented the Oscar for Best Documentary. Downey, Jr. even Tebowed right before.

Martin Scorsese Drinking Game

The Bridesmaids cast kept on with the drinking game they mentioned at the SAG Awards: Drink each time director Martin Scorsese's name was said. Shouts of Scorsese at the Oscars prompted Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy to take swigs of some kind of liquid -- which they pulled out of their dresses -- before presenting the Oscar for Best Documentary Short.


Melissa McCarthy

McCarthy didn't win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Bridesmaids, but she reenacted part of the movie's famous airplane scene. Her target: Host Billy Crystal.


Billy Crystal: The Mind Reader

A few select actors were shown on the big screen with Crystal saying he could tell what they were thinking just by looking at them. A quick shot of Brad Pitt yielded a remark about his many children: This better not go too late, I have six parent-teacher conferences in the morning. A shot of Nick Nolte, who has battled issues stemming from substance abuse, resulted in rough, incomprehensible sounds.


Sandra Bullock speaking German

Bullock said she would speak Mandarin Chinese while presenting the award for Best Foreign Language Film, and that she would do so with a slight twist: One quick note, since my mother spoke German to us while we were growing up my Chinese has a very slight German accent. She then proceeded to speak in fluent German. You have to admire a comedian who can be funny without being dirty.

(Photo credits: Reuters)