In yet another example of eco-tourism initiatives driving the tourism industry worldwide, Philadelphia Zoo, America's first zoo, will begin with 25 Percent of electricity usage offset by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), the zoo authority said in a statement.

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources, the retail energy business of GDF SUEZ Energy North America, will supply its electricity for the next two years, the authority said.

It is estimated that the RECs, which represent the environmental attributes of electricity generated from wind, solar or other renewable power facilities, will displace 3,195,990 pounds of carbon dioxide per year – the equivalent of taking 314 cars off the road.

We have instituted a diverse range of programs and practices that help us do our part to reduce global warming and mitigate the effects of climate change on wildlife. Our support of green energy reflects this dedication, and we thank GDF SUEZ Energy Resources for supporting our efforts, Vikram H. Dewan, President and CEO of Philadelphia Zoo, said.

In utilizing the certificates, the zoo will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage development of domestic sources of cleaner, renewable energy.