The next “Pokémon Sun and Moon” update from The Pokémon Company is slated for release this Tuesday, Oct. 4. Prior the release of the new trailer, however, many excited fans are voicing out what they want to see next now that many features of the games have already been made official.

According to Reddit user Dwaynekoya, Alolan Meowth has already been introduced, but there is still no information about its evolved form, Alolan Persian. It can be noted that Alolan Meowth was introduced in August. The modified Meowth was described as a Dark-type Pokémon that’s selfish and prideful because of its association with the Alola region’s prominent family.

Since Alolan Raticate was revealed not too long after Alolan Rattata was announced, Reddit user Araiss claims Alolan Persian could be introduced soon, specifically this Tuesday, alongside the evolved forms of the Starter Pokémon. User Dwaynekoya seconded the idea that Alolan Persian and Starter Evolutions should be announced next.

Meanwhile, Reddit user gvt1 stated in a separate subreddit that as far as the previously leaked concept art of the evolved forms of the Starter Pokémon is concerned, the Starter Evolutions could already be final. However, many chimed in that it would be more interesting to see different final evolutions for Rowlet, Litten and Popplio like the previously outed Midday and Midnight forms of Rockruff.

Another thing “Pokémon Sun and Moon” fans are hoping to be revealed this week is an official confirmation that Mega Evolutions are coming to the Alola region. Previously, a blurb from a Japanese magazine vaguely hinted that Mega Evolutions are coming to “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon.” Since the news did not officially come from The Pokémon Company or Game Freak, fans are still hoping that the special evolutions are joining the action in the Alola region this November.

Aside from these, news about the highly anticipated “Pokémon Sun and Moon” demo is also being expected to be announced soon. Reddit user Mlakeyt1992 shared in his own subreddit that users can expect the demo version to be launched mid-late October. As previously reported, The Pokémon Company announced that the demo will not be showcased at Milan Games Week in mid-October, prompting some to speculate that the demo could arrive earlier.

“Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” are Nintendo 3DS-exclusive titles. They are set for release this Nov. 18.