President Barack Obama celebrated his 51st birthday Saturday morning with a round of golf at Andrews Air Force Base and then headed to Camp David for some relaxation and dinner with the first lady, Michelle Obama. The White House did not disclose what the president's evening plans are, according to Reuters.

Although the president might look like he's been through more than three-and-a-half years since his inauguration, Obama is still relatively young for a president. He was 46 at the time of his inauguration, which made him the fifth youngest man to become president behind Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

That makes Obama the second youngest commander-in-chief since President Kennedy, who was 43-years-old when he took office in January 1961.  

Even though there's never a day off for the leader of the free world, Obama appeared to spend Saturday as a day off from his increasingly contentious campaign against the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

But that doesn't mean the president's not hoping for some gifts. The New York Times reported that on Aug.12, Barack and Michelle will host a fundraiser at their Chicago home for only their biggest donors. A recent event at actor George Clooney's private residence ended after the Obama campaign added $15 million to its wallet.

The birthday fundraising theme  began at his 50th birthday celebration last summer. Coinciding with around 1,000 other birthday events around the country, Jennifer Hudson sang "Happy Birthday" to the president while the campaign sold merchandise to party-goers. Later that night, Herbie Hancock performed at a party that cost over $35,000 a ticket, according to the Chicago Tribune.

This year, the Associated Press reported that the president sent a letter to his supporters saying that it could be the last birthday he celebrates in the Oval Office. The letter warned that he could be outspent by Romney's campaign in the coming months.

In the August that followed Obama's 2009 inauguration, the first lady threw her husband a surprise party at Camp David with his friends from Chicago friends in attendance.

Donations aren't the only thing President Obama will be thinking about when he blows out his candles. Employment numbers released Friday show that about 163,000 new jobs were added in June, almost double the previous forecast of 95,000,  ABC News noted.