The new TV shows for the fall of 2013 are still trickling out, and on Tuesday, ABC Family viewers will get to take a bite out of “Ravenswood.” The “Pretty Little Liars” spinoff series will premiere at 9 p.m. after a special Halloween episode of its “mother show,” and we’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know before watching.

The Transition

The spinoff series will find “Pretty Little Liars” character Caleb leaving Rosewood to help his girlfriend Hanna dig up some information on a computer in Ravenswood. Caleb will arrive in Ravenswood during the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode -- but while Hanna and the others leave at the end, Caleb will end up staying in town.

What Is The Pilot Episode About?

The pilot episode of “Ravenswood” will have Caleb stick around town to help his new friend named Miranda. But he’ll begin to regret his decision when he encounters some unwelcoming people -- Miranda’s uncle Raymond and Luke, a Ravenswood local.

The motive for Raymond’s unpleasantness toward Caleb is currently unknown, but Luke’s animosity stems from a “recent family tragedy and its ensuing scandal.” Viewers will have to wait to see what the tragedy and scandal is, but Luke’s twin sister, Olivia, is wrapped up in the drama as well.

[Click HERE to read a full synopsis for the pilot episode.]

The Ravenswood Party

During the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Hanna will be attending a party in the Ravenswood cemetery in an attempt to come face to face with Alison. Caleb also will be at the party, where he’ll end up meeting Miranda. The pair will witness something that night that will lead them on a journey to investigate “strange and supernatural occurrences in the town of Ravenswood.” Their investigation will lead them to their first ally, Remy – a local girl who knows about the “peculiar history” of their surroundings. What they’ll eventually discover is that the five teens – Caleb, Miranda, Luke, Olivia and Remy – are connected and Ravenswood has something “in store for them.”

Character Details

Caleb – “Pretty Little Liars” viewers know that Caleb is a computer genius who had a rough childhood living in foster homes. Since dating Hanna his family life has become a little better.

Miranda – Like Caleb, Miranda also has a history with foster homes. She ended up in Ravenswood after searching for her only living relative – Uncle Raymond.

Raymond – Miranda’s uncle is the owner of Ravenswood's funeral parlor and the caretaker of the cemetery. He’s described as “ridged, tight-lipped, and possibly dangerous, but above all it’s very clear that he is hiding something.”

Olivia and Luke – Olivia and Luke are twins, who according to E! Online “suffered a great family loss and a hard fall from grace on the social ladder.” The pair just lost their father … and the suspect in his murder is their mother.

Remy – Remy is an “intelligent and hard worker” who uses her connections at the local newspaper to help dig up answers regarding a curse.

“Ravenswood” premieres on ABC Family on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT. The new show has a story that stands on its own, but its recommended to watch the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode at 8 p.m.

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