WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading if you have not watched the “Pretty Little Liars” season 4 summer finale, “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.”

“Pretty Little Liars” ended season 4A with some real jaw-droppers. The summer finale revealed not only the identity of “Red Coat” … but supposedly the person behind “A.” With a few months' break before part B of season four, can viewers trust the “A” revelation? Or was the person set up?

In episode 12, “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t,” the ABC Family series dropped the bomb that there were actually two “Red Coats” at work – one seemingly “good,” and the other “bad.” CeCe was unmasked as the bad “Red Coat,” and while Spencer couldn’t identify the other “Red Coat” who saved Emily’s life, it’s speculated to be Alison.

The “Red Coat” believed to be Alison lead the girls to “A’s” lair … where a hooded and angry Ezra later showed up. But is Ezra really “A?” Or is there a reasonable explanation for his appearance in Ravenswood? Check out a couple of our theories below:

He Was Set Up …

E! Online talked to Ezra’s Ian Harding after the bombshell, and the actor did say that he thinks his character feels real love for Aria. Could Ezra have just been set up to look guilty?

It’s possible that everyone’s favorite English teacher was dressed in black to spy on the girls because he feared they were in danger. Ezra already suspected that the girls were being harassed again, and it’s possible he was tipped off about the location of “A’s” lair. His anger in the room could have been due to seeing the elaborate time line and computer system that “A” set up.

Who Was He Set Up By?

If Ezra was truly set up …Could Jake be behind it? He may have just popped up on the “Pretty Little Liars” radar this season, but that doesn’t rule him out as a contender for “A.” We found it pretty suspicious that he knew Aria’s shoe size to buy her cowboy boots, and we can’t forget about his ugly confrontation with Ezra.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the girls get sent a photo of Ezra inside the lair, and our thoughts are that Jake set up Aria’s former lover as a way to drive an even bigger wedge in between the two.

However … Ezra Could Be Guilty

The girls DID uncover a closet full of men’s clothing, so we know that “A” is a male … and therefore could be Ezra. The lair also revealed how “A” could be everywhere at once – a complex computer system and a payroll. “We know he’s a Fitzgerald; his family has a lot of dough,” executive producer Marlene King teased Entertainment Weekly of how “A” could be backed financially. Children’s coffins, custom magic eightballs and replica dolls do add up ...

What’s coming in season 4B? King did dish that “one of the Liars will start to suspect early on” that Ezra could be Ezr”A.”

“It’s a hard thing to prove and no one wants to go to Aria and say, ‘The love of your life is Uber ‘A,’” so it’s going to be a journey,” explained King.

As for which Liar will catch onto the English teacher, we believe it’s Troian Bellisario’s Spencer thanks to a photo she posted on Instagram. Standing next to Brandon Jones, who plays classmate Andrew Campbell, the pair are in front of a chalkboard that says, “Mr. Fitz S—ks.”

Pretty Little Liars
Is actress Troian Bellisario hinting at something? Troian Bellisario

What are your theories on Ezra and “A?” Let us know in the comments section!