PS4 Neo leakage has arrived in the form of price and design information from a supposed Foxconn worker. While the details can’t yet be proven, they paint a somewhat surprising picture of Sony’s high-spec console.

At the Chinese A9VG forums, a user by the name of Qiyao wake posted a sketch of what he or she believes to be the PS4 Neo’s design. The drawing can be seen below alongside a mockup that the artist said was mostly correct. It’s essentially a revised take on the triple-layered sandwich design touted by the leaked PS4 Slim. However, it appears to be much larger. In fact, the Neo could be even bigger than the standard PS4 model that’s available today.

In a separate post, wake mentioned that the PS4 Neo weighs about 10 pounds. A size increase for the Neo was speculated by us last week, and it makes perfect sense. The console’s reported 4.19 teraflops of power need space to breathe. That space demands a bigger chassis.

Increasing along with its stature, however, might also be the unit’s suggested retail price. While the standard PS4 entered the market at just $399, this Foxconn source says Neo is expected to sell for 3,000 CNY in China. That correlates to about $450 in conversions. In other words, as it stands right now, the current system’s established cost barrier may be shattered by its high-tier sibling.

As for what makes this leak noteworthy, it mirrors a deleted Foxconn sketch of the PS4 Slim that was originally dismissed. As it turns out, the drawn design was actually very close to the leaked model. With that miscalculation in mind, rumor mongers have been more accepting of these recent sketches of the Neo.

Given these leaked Neo tidbits, it will be interesting to see how the Slim is impacted. Instead of being promoted through a price drop, like we had once assumed, maybe the Slim will sell for the current price of $350 with the Neo being $100 more expensive. That being said, pricing could fluctuate for different regions as well. Even though the Neo may cost 3,000 CNY in China, it could still theoretically be cheaper in the U.S. and elsewhere.

To see just how truthful this leak turns out to be, be sure to watch Sony’s upcoming PlayStation event on Sept. 7.

What do you think of this leak? Are you OK with the PS4 Neo having a bigger body and bigger price? Tell us in the comments section!