Heather Dubrow has never been one to tiptoe around a problem, and her Season 11 drama with “Real Housewives of Orange County” newcomer Kelly Dodd is no different.

During episode 9 Vicki Gunvalson whisks the women away to party it up in Palm Desert, California, at Merv Griffin’s estate. During the party Tamra Judge touches upon an upcoming trip to Glamis, California, that she’s organized for the women and their children. She reveals to Kelly that she’s fearful about the event going awry and she’s not the only one. Kelly is infuriated to learn that Heather has doubts about the “RHOC” rookie being able to hold it together in front of her co-stars children and unveils her best fancy-pants impression. Tamra later reaches out to Heather and persuades her to sit down with her and Kelly for a carefully-mediated conversation over dinner following a rocky celebration of Meghan King Edmonds’ pending insemination in episode 7.

Kelly is the last to arrive to the restaurant, which only increases the palpable discomfort of both Tamra and Heather. Within a few minutes Heather decides she has to be the one to open the discussion and reveals all of her issues with Kelly at once. The rookie housewife is obviously upset by Heather’s character assessment, as well as her refusal to acknowledge having attempted to kick her out of Meghan’s pre-baby bash. Tamra jumps in to quell Kelly’s rage and she is able to fully hear what Heather has to say. In fact — much to both Heather and Tamra’s surprise — she’s moved to tears and apologizes for her actions. She explains to her “RHOC” cast mates that she only reacted the way she did because she was deeply hurt. Heather accepts her apology and even admits that she believes Kelly is being sincere, though she maintains that she is slightly fearful of what may come during the Glamis trip.

Previews for the upcoming episode suggest there will be no shortage of drama during the trip, which Tamra organizes to celebrate husband Eddie Judge’s birthday, but not for reasons viewers may expect. During the trip Tamra rents out ATVs for the cast to ride up and down sand dunes and a fun day quickly turns almost-disastrous for a few of the “RHOC” ladies.

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