Rebook has pulled a controversial ad which read, Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout, when an outrage of comments poured in after the photo went viral on the Internet.

The ad was posted in Reebok gyms and partner gyms in Germany and outraged users on Twitter, especially when a video of the poster was posted on YouTube. However, no one was more outraged than website

This form of advertising shows a dishonest and disrespectful attitude towards women, Cheaterville founder James McGibney said in a statement to Radar Online. Your company should be ashamed to have even placed this ad.

CheaterVille will not stand by and let you keep this ad running without a fight. We will start informing our millions of followers to boycott Reebok until the ad is removed and a public apology is given.

The outrage prompted Reebok to apologize for the ad dubbed offensive.

We regret that some offensive Reebok materials were recently printed, Reebok spokesman Dan Sarro told CBS Tuesday. The signs were removed as soon as we were made aware of them. I can assure you that Reebok does not condone this message or cheating in any way. We apologize for the offensive nature of these materials, and are disappointed that they appeared at all.

The controversial ad blunder comes less than one year after Reebok was forced to pay a $25 million fine when the Federal Trade Commission declared the company's campaign for its Easytone shoes was false advertisement. Since, the company's sales have dropped three percent in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year while competitors, like Adidas, grew.

View the video proof posted by a user below of the controversial Reebok ad.