Republican presidential candidate and Texas governor Rick Perry has shown a flair for putting his foot in his mouth -- or someone else's mouth. He suggested Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is treasonous. He once suggested the BP oil spill might have been an act of God instead of corporate errors.

In a famous interview, Perry once signed off on air with, Adios, mofo. And there was the line explaining why he jogged while armed, Don't attack my dog or you might get shot...if you're a coyote.

Perry even questioned after officially announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination if President Barack Obama is passionate about America. Such Perryisms have become the expected norm from the Texas governor.

Obama has said he's cutting Perry some slack over comments since it's so early in his presidential run -- probably takes (somebody running for president) a little bit of time before they start realizing this isn't like running for governor or running for Senate or running for Congress, Obama said.

But those who love to feed from the Internet fodder and furor caused by Perry's colorful, off-hand remarks likely hope he doesn't learn his lesson. So why not muse about some things Perry might say if Americans put him in the White House?

Here's 10 potential isms from would-be President Rick Perry (in jest, of course):

1) Why would I talk to North Korea anyway? Ya'll know I don't like Yankees.

2) I don't see the point in you folks sending in your tax payments. We're broke!

3) This whole Muslim thing is just a crock of bull anyway. Jesus, why don't those people just pick up a Bible?

4) I don't see what the big deal was about Hillary Clinton anyway. She was just secretary of some state. I was governor, for crying out loud.

5) America is breaking its addiction to oil. And that's a bad thing.

6) Why does anybody need social security anyway?

7) I told you (Dallas Cowboys owner) Jerry Jones would be a good Vice President. But you didn't want to listen. Who's laughing now?

8) We should do away with China. It's just a ponzi scheme.

9) I see it like this: If we divide the country into four quadrants...

10) Don't mess with Texas. You hear what I'm saying? Don't mess with Texas.