It was shocking enough when rumors started about Barbadian singer Rihanna getting back with her abusive ex Chris Brown. But then the rumors turned out to be false, and just when you thought Rihanna might have grown out of bad boys, fresh rumors of her and Ashton Kutcher dating have started doing the rounds on the Internet.

But wait! Before we conclude that Riri has fallen for the wrong guy for the second time, here is some news. The 24-year-old singer has denied that she is dating Ashton Kutcher.

Rihanna is currently in London for the promotion of her debut movie Battleship, directed by Peter Berg. 

During a press conference, when a British reporter asked her about rumors of a fling between her and the Two-and-a-half Men star Ashton Kutcher, Rihanna did not seem to appreciate it.

The reporter asked:  You're so good at connecting with people that I think that we actually feel we know you. Things are clearly going brilliantly in your career. I just wondered if you are as happy in your private life, and will we see a certain Mr. Ashton Kutcher perhaps be making a trip over here?

She snapped back saying: How disappointing was that question. I'm happy and I'm single, if that's what you're really asking.

Speculations about an affair between the two had started when the Man Down singer was reported seen leaving Kutcher's Hollywood mansion by Daily Motion.

She reportedly also told her friends that Kutcher was cute and funny, adding that although they have a good time together, they are too busy for anything serious just yet.

While rumors about Rihanna and Kutcher are making rounds on the Net, Demi Moore is reportedly still obsessed with her ex-husband even after filing for a divorce from him, and still uses Mrs. Kutcher as her Twitter name. The Daily Mail reported that affair rumors between Rihanna and Kutcher have made her sick to her stomach.

Rihanna's denial of the rumors will hopefully bring some peace to Moore, while The Battleship is due to be released in the UK on April 11 April and on May 18 in the US.