Democrats have made deceit and dishonesty in government a science.  They are excellent practitioners of vile, wicked behavior.  My biggest concern for America is that they very rarely pay any political prices for their misdeeds.

Democrats constantly raise taxes, misspend the money, and repeatedly fabricate figures to justify their malpractices. But what about Republicans?  Now there's an interesting group.  There are genuine conservative, Constitution-loving folks and RINOs (Republicans in name only).  I detest RINOs.  If politicians really believe in a bigger, more intrusive government, they should join the other side.  Please don't pollute the GOP's pool.

Between the two parties, I have much more distaste for the Republicans.

Democrats, you see, never disappointment me.  I expect them to be low-life, lying swindlers.  They constantly live up to their job description. Republicans on the other hand, especially the RINOs, repeatedly raise my hopes and then dash them on rocks.  Damn them.  Our liberal news media is ever vigilant to point out and exploit Republican misdeeds but rarely are equal-opportunity reporters.

What does all of this have to do with GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney? Well, he won a couple of primaries on Tuesday, and I think that is very bad for America. See, Romney can't remove President Barack Obama from the White House.  He doesn't have the guts or the charisma to get the job done.

Can't Republican primary voters see that?  Obviously not.

Romney is going to provide, if he ends up the Republican presidential candidate, a certain victory for Obama.  Our president will eat him up and spit him out.  And that's bad for any freedom-loving American. Romney will become the poster child for everything poor minority groups dislike. Besides being white, which is bad enough, he's very rich. And it addition to being very rich (which all Republicans are, of course) he's very successful.  There we find the envy factor, which Obama will expertly exploit.

And Romney is always so happy.  Obviously he doesn't understand the day-to-day pathos of being poor and in constant need of life's basic requirements.  How about some tears and quivering lips?  He needs to check out some old Bill Clinton clips; he was great at that.

After Obama's re-election, the health care bill will be fully implemented. Nobody really knows what's in it -- yet.  We'll all find out together.  Expect surprises.

Once again, we see that Democrats paid a very small political price for passing a bill that nobody read.  Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi said we needed to pass the bill so we could find out what was in it.  She continues to serve, of course. 

I rejoice that I'm 67 years old and will be leaving soon.  I fear for my children's and grandchildren's futures. Don't my fellow Americans understand that slavery stands in the wings, anxiously awaiting a lame duck (nothing-to-lose) Obama? God help us all.

Former President George W. Bush was a disappointing president in so many ways.  But the worse thing he did was give us Obama as leader. Romney's greatest historical failure, the one coming generations will recall with tears, will be giving us Obama II.

Walt Osterman is the author of Not Home Yet: A Tale Concerning Israel's Rebirth. He served in Vietnam and is a Bronze Star recipient. He lives in Wyoming.