A source for E! TV has confirmed that Rumer Willis, Demi Moore's 23-year-old daughter, was present during her mother's seizure, and helped make the 911 call that may have saved her mother's life.

'Rue' Heard on 911 Tape

The rumor mill was already running when the Demi Moore 911 tape was released to the public a few days ago.

The male caller who dialed 911 asked someone nearby to help him direct the ambulance, and he called her Rue, Rumer's nickname.

Hey, Rue, what's the name at the gate so that we can buzz them in from here? a man is heard saying during the call. He then gave that information to the operator.

Rumer Willis, along with a couple of her friends, was in another part the house when Demi Moore suffered her seizure, according to E!.

But according to the inside source, at least one of her girlfriends saw Moore's initial episode, and it's likely that Rumer Willis watched her mother convulse as she and the unidentified male on the line tried to reach 911.

Moore on Drugs

The 911 call helped reveal that Rumer Willis was present when her mother began to convulse. It also, however, provided some clues as to what caused the Hollywood star's seizure to start in the first place.

On Demi Moore's 911 call, the male caller told the operator Moore had smoked something that was not marijuana but like incense.

Based on this information, some speculate that Moore may have been taking K2, an herbal incense product significantly more potent than marijuana and often laced with other drugs.

Rumer at Mom's Bedside

When her mother was taken to the emergency room, Rumer Willis was a constant presence by her side.

The 23-year-old, from Moore's marriage to actor Bruce Willis, has been spotted twice at the hospital where Moore was treated before her release. Paparazzi also spotted her smoking a cigarette outside the facility before going back inside.

Since her mother's release, however, the Los Angeles Times reports that Rumer and her sister Tallulah have been trying to get out, going to the Four Seasons spa in Beverly Hills on Saturday and attending a Screen Actors Guild Awards after-party.

Listen to the Demi Moore 911 tape below. The tape has been redacted to exclude some references to another drug called Whip-It (nitrous oxide),  according to TMZ.