Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh left Yemen on Sunday to get medical treatment in Saudi Arabia, Reuters reported.

After Riyadh had brokered a ceasefire between rival clans and political elites, the streets of Sanaa seemed to be quiet, said Saudi sources.

Saleh suffered wounds in Friday's rocket attack on his presidential palace. The Saudi royal court said Saleh had arrived to be treated for those injuries. Friday's assault is a clear indication that the conflict is building towards full civil war.

Hours before Saleh's arrival in Riyadh, rumors of his departure had spread across the city of Sanaa, while Yemeni officials repeatedly denied he had any plans to leave.

Saleh, whose Saudi medical evacuation plane was met by a senior Saudi official, walked off the aircraft but had visible injuries on his neck, head and face, a source told Reuters.

According to a Saudi source, Saleh was transferred to a military hospital after landing at King Khalid Air Base. He will go through medical before undergoing surgery to remove shrapnel from his body, said the source.

The rocket attack on Friday killed seven people and devastated the government. The prime minister, two deputy prime ministers and the speakers of both parliamentary chambers are being treated in Riyadh for injuries, Reuters reported.

Saleh left Yemen at a time when the country is in the most unstable situation ever. His departure, even for medical care, could make it hard for Saleh to retain power. Al Jazeera television said Saleh's vice-president was taking over as acting president and head of the armed forces in Yemen.