Although some rumors have said that Samsung is crafting its next-generation handset, the Korea-based company may not be done with its Galaxy S3. Samsung is reportedly preparing to release a new version of its flagship smartphone in the U.S.

Known as the La Fleur edition, this variant of the Galaxy S3 will feature flower patterns on the device’s body and will come in either white or pink. This rumor comes from Sam Mobile, a news blog dedicated to digging up Samsung speculation, news and purported leaks. According to the website, Samsung’s Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Ace DUOS and Galaxy S DUOS will also be getting this floral pattern in due time.

Few sources, such as Android blog the Droid Guy and Pop Herald, are also reporting that this new Galaxy S3 model could ship with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.  This could be a smart move for Samsung, as Galaxy S3 owners have been eagerly awaiting the Android update since it was unveiled in June at Google’s I/O developer’s conference. Jelly Bean has been slowly rolling out to various S3 devices over the past few months, but many are still waiting for the upgrade. Nations such as Poland and South Korea were the first to see Jelly Bean on their Galaxy S3 handsets in September.

These special edition smartphones are said to use the same hardware specifications as the standard Galaxy S3, and will be available in most countries. No hard release date has been specified, but Samsung is expected to launch these models around January, just before the Valentine’s Day season.

Samsung was also rumored to release its seven-inch Galaxy Tab 2 in the La Fleur edition, but dropped these plans according to Sam Mobile.

The La Fleur variants include what appears to be two shades of white, one with a purple floral design and another with a gray flowered pattern. It will also allegedly be available in a shade of dark pink with a floral design on the back of the same color.  Samsung currently offers its Galaxy S3 in six color variants: Marble White,  Pebble Blue, Amber Brown, Sapphire Black, Titanium Grey and Garnet Red for AT&T subscribers.  

This wouldn’t be the first time Samsung has released a special edition version of its flagship smartphone. Over the summer the Galaxy-brand manufacturer launched a limited time only Galaxy S3 modeled after the London Olympics.

The La Fleur line is nothing new for Samsung—back in 2009 the company released its YP-Q1 handset in the feminine flavored design. This device got a purple flower image on its body and a matching user interface refresh.

However, it must be noted that this information of the Galaxy S3 La Fleur can only be considered rumor at this point. Samsung has not officially unveiled any new versions of its Galaxy S3 and has not commented on when Jelly Bean will arrive for the device. No rumors on pricing information have surfaced at this time.

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