UPDATE: Sarah Palin wouldn't tell CNN who she voted for, but when Fox News asked, she admitted it was Newt Gingrich.


CNN caught Sarah Palin right after she cast her vote for the GOP primary in Alaska, but she wouldn't say who she voted for.

The former Alaska governor has supported former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in the past, but continues to play coy about an official endorsement. She also told CNN that she would consider stepping into the election if there was a brokered convention.

Anything is possible and I don't close any doors that would perhaps be open out there, Palin told CNN. My plan is to be at that convention.

Palin also got much attention on Twitter. Within minutes, Sarah Palin and Wasilla (her hometown) were trending worldwide.

Many couldn't help but notice the irony that a Fox News analyst was making waves on CNN.

While Fox analyst Sarah Palin was live on CNN, Fox analyst Karl Rove was live on Fox. You tell me which channel won, tweeted New York Times media critic Brian Stelter.

Gov Palin on CNN? tweeted Fox News host Greta Van Susteren.

When CNN reporter Paul Vercammen thanked her for stopping to chat, she claimed you're a lucky dude that I did!