Coming off an 84-0 thrashing from Oklahoma State, the lowly Savannah State Tigers of the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision are tremendous 70 ½-point underdogs against the No. 6 ranked Florida State Seminoles heading into their Saturday matchup, making the spread the highest ever in college football sports gambling history.

The large point spread, set by Cantor Gaming, which provides spreads to a variety of Las Vegas casinos, has generated a large swell of chatter on social media. If the Tigers give up 10 touchdowns to the Seminoles and fail to score, bettors who wager on Savannah State would win their bet.

RJ Bell of first reported the 70 ½-point spread and said the lofty figure is the first 70-point spread in the history of sports betting.

The spread dethroned the 67 ½-point line set for the Tigers game against the Cowboys last week as the highest ever.

A large factor in the 70 ½-point spread was the Tigers were heavily overmatched against the Cowboys last Saturday when Oklahoma State put up 84 points against Savannah State. The Tigers, who hail from the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision, the second tier of college football, couldn't muster a point.

Ranked No. 6 in the AP poll, the Seminoles have National Championship aspirations and are widely viewed as a more talented team than the Cowboys, which explains the higher point spread.

"Savannah State" was trending on Twitter on Thursday as news spread of the 70 ½-point line.

"I'd take Savannah State and the 70.5 points at Florida State ... except #GamblingIsWrong," wrote Rick Reilly of ESPN.

"So savannah state was 67.5 underdogs last week. This week, 70.5? Rough couple of weeks haha," said @ZaneM24.

"Savannah State is +70.5 this week?? Someone get me a plane ticket to Vegas," said William Dace.

"Florida State should drop in the rankings if they allow Savannah State to score on Saturday lol," said Hashim Cole.

The Oklahoma State-Savannah State matchup sparked debate about whether FCS teams should ever go up against the juggernauts in the higher Football Bowl Subdivision.

Savannah State is being paid $860,000 combined from Oklahoma State and Florida State for being their opponent in the games.

ESPN asked Savannah State coach Steve Davenport if the high paydays were worth the humiliation to the football players.

"In retrospect, we probably bit off a bit more than we could chew," he told's Gene Wojciehowski. "I think embarrassment lasts a lot longer than $860,000. I might have said something different a week ago."

While talk of the point spread dominated the discussion on Twitter, the Beyond The Bets Twitter account reflected on the game being broadcast Saturday.

"Florida State vs. Savannah State will be broadcast on ESPN3. This will be the first time I've ever witnessed murder," the account wrote.