(Reuters) - It was not the kind of touchdown National Football League (NFL) fans are used to seeing from Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, but it was one of the fastest and roughest.

The NFL player, known for his attention-getting stunts on and off the field, was a special guest Saturday night at a bull-riding competition in Duluth, Georgia.

During an intermission, the 33-year-old, wearing a caged, protective helmet but otherwise dressed in cowboy gear, hopped on to a six-year-old bull named Deja Blu and went for a little ride.

The operative word was little. Ochocinco lasted just over a second before Deja Blu, which has bucked off seven of 12 riders this year including two-time World Champion Chris Shivers, spiked the NFL player like a game ball and stuck a hoof into him for good measure.

Ochocinco, who has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and Tweets constantly, described his ride to followers on Twitter Sunday as scary as hell but (a) cool adrenaline rush.

There is no way to explain the power of that fat ball of mean muscle, he wrote.

Ochocinco confirmed that Deja Blu stepped on his back after tossing him off.

But the receiver, who was back home in Florida Sunday, said what hurt more was that the bull didn't have the decency to apologize after I fell.

Cody Lambert, livestock director for the Pueblo, Colo.-based Professional Bull Riders association, said he was impressed by Ochocinco's performance on Deja Blu, which he described as a a good, honest bucker.

He wanted a real bull, Lambert said. He didn't ask to go out to a dude ranch and give it a try. He wanted to ride a tough, PBR professional-level bull.