Dania Suarez, the woman who has identified herself as the Colombian prostitute at the center of the U.S. Secret Service scandal, has claimed the agents were very direct about asking for sex. She also called them idiots and said she thinks it's fair they have lost their jobs as a result of the incident.

They were very direct (about asking for sex), Suarez told NBC News' Michelle Kosinski during an interview in Madrid, Spain. I would say too direct.

Suarez said after they had sex the agent fell asleep and she could have taken everything in his hotel room, as he had left his luggage and papers exposed.

Since the prostitution scandal broke on April 13, Suarez has reportedly received offers to pose from Playboy and Hustler magazines. She also said that she has been contacted by an American publishing company about a book deal that she is interested in.

Suarez said she has more to tell.

Twelve Secret Service agents, including two supervisors, were implicated and a similar number of military personnel had their security clearance suspended because of their involvement.

The world learned about the agents hiring up to 20 prostitutes ahead of President Barack Obama's Cartagena trip after a fight broke out between Suarez and one of the agents. Suarez told several news agencies that she made it clear to the agent she was with that to sleep with her would cost him $800. The next day he offered her far less than what was agreed upon, leading to the confrontation that exposed the incident.

Suarez said the words sex and money were very clear. And, just in case the agent didn't get it, Suarez told NBC News that she also made a motion with her fingers, signaling that she was in this for the money.

Suarez told NBC News that she thought the agents' approach made it obvious they were used to doing it because people who do this for the first time are very shy.

I'm not to blame for being attractive, Suarez said. They are to be blamed for leaving their duties behind.

When news of the scandal broke, U.S. lawmakers were worried about whether the agents could be victims of blackmail or whether Obama's safety was at risk.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has said the agents' actions didn't put the president at risk but added that the department wouldn't tolerate such behavior from the agents. A swift investigation led to the ousting and resignation of some of the agents involved while others were cleared of serious misconduct.

I think it's fair they lost their jobs and can never have their badges again because they are not up to it, Suarez said. They seem like completely stupid. Idiots. I don't know how Obama had them in his security force. What dumb men.

Saurez, a 24-year-old single mother of a 9-year-old son, said no one should feel sorry for her. She added that she knows the incident is shameful and ugly. Prostitution is legal in parts of Colombia, but she has vowed to quit.

Investigator reportedly didn't get to interview Suarez because she left the country. Suarez went into hiding when her photos were revealed in a New York paper.

I don't justify it but I did it and kept a low profile, she told NBC News. Never again.

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