Dania Suarez, the woman who has been identified as one of the alleged prostitutes in the Secret Service scandal, has reportedly gone into hiding after her photos were been exposed, the New York Daily News reported on Friday.

The Daily News reported that she has left Cartagena, Colombia. The paper, which exclusively published photos of Suarez on Thursday, said that the woman believes she has received too much exposure.

Put yourself in her shoes, Marlon Betancourt, a lawyer for Suarez, told the Daily News. Her photo out there has caused her too much stress.

Suarez is prepared to cooperate with U.S. officials as they conduct their investigation, the Daily News reported.

Eleven Secret Service agents and at least 10 military service members are under investigation after they were accused of hiring prostitutes while in Colombia before President Barack Obama's visit. Obama was visiting the Latin American country to attend the Summit of the Americas meeting.

It was an argument between Suarez and an agent that sparked the scandal. The two were allegedly arguing because the agent paid Suarez $30 when they had agreed in an $800 payment for the previous night's sexual activity. Colombian police were reportedly called to the Hotel Caribe because the argument escalated.

Prostitution is legal in Colombia. However, U.S. Military laws make it a criminal offense.

She didn't break any law, Betancourt told the Daily News. She didn't do anything wrong.

Three Secret Service agents have lost their job as a result of the scandal. Two of the three have been identified. They are David Chaney, a 48-year-old supervisor, who has since attracted another round of media attention for posting on Facebook that he was checking out Sarah Palin, and the other is Greg Stokes. He was removed with cause and can appeal that decision in 30 days.

Suarez is a 24-year-old single mother, with a 9-year-old son.