The XBOX One launches worldwide today, rising to combat Sony’s record-smashing PlayStation 4.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding both consoles, and inevitably, arguments over which machine is going to be better. While gamers’ needs and wants vary, there are a few good reasons why, if you’re pulling a fistful of dollars out of your wallet, you should send them Microsoft’s way.

1. The One has better exclusive titles. Hear me out - I know Crimson Dragon and Ryse: Son of Rome have been hit pretty hard by gaming critics. But Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack (the only Sony exclusives) haven’t fared much better

Microsoft still has Forza 5 though, so if you’re a racing gamer, theres your decision made for you. The PS4 doesn’t get any interesting exclusives until the next iteration of Uncharted lands, sometime in the middle of 2014. Both systems lack backwards compatibility, so you’d better have some good games to hold you over from launch date.

2. You want to replace multiple machines. The new XBOX will be your Blu-ray player, cable TV receiver, gaming machine, HD webcam, and touchless web browser/social media operator. Not bad for $500. Leaves space in your living room for other things. Maybe you could get a fish tank.

3. You want a versatile console with motion gaming. It’s no secret that the PS4 is a more straightline machine, designed to play games 90% of its operating time. The One does that as well, but it’s also bundled with a vastly-improved Kinect so the controls actually work. Every user gets a Kinect, so I’m confident more games down the line will incorporate the Kinect extremely well (aside from the obvious series like Dance Central).

Inevitably, the choice is yours. But don’t let the One’s higher price tag scare you away if it’s got the features you want.