It can call people for you on the fly and remind you when your father's birthday is, but Siri is much more than that. Now, a developer cracked a code to make Siri start his car for him. And stop, lock and unlock the vehicle.

Just about five weeks after the iPhone 4S launched with the Siri assistant feature added, a developer created a hack to have Siri start his car, an Acura TL, using voice command.

According to Tech Crunch, developer and engineer Brandon Fiquett created a plugin to work with the Viper SmartStart system. The plugin coordinates with a PHP script on the Siri Proxy server, which sends commands to the SmartStart system.

The command is sent from Siri to a Viper server, then relayed via cellular connection to the car. The car then broadcasts an update via RF to the key chain remote, Fiquett wrote. It can arm/disarm as well.

Now, Fiquett can start the engine of his Acura, open the trunk, lock and unlock the doors and set off the alarm. Initially the only accepted commands by Siri included Vehicle Arm, Vehicle Disarm, Vehicle Start, Vehicle Stop, Vehicle Pop Trunk, and Vehicle Panic, though Fiquett says Siri now responds to conversational commands like Start my car and Pop my trunk.

Fiquett also shared his findings with the rest of the world, posting a how to video on YouTube and disclosing details about the Siri Proxy plugin and the SmartStart PHP script on GitHub for other SmartStart and iPhone 4S users.

Fiquett's development comes just shortly after a developer named Pete, @plamoni on Twitter, created the proxy server for Siri and successfully made a plugin to control a Wi-Fi thermostat.

According to Fiquett, the proxy server he and @plamoni used allows for the creation of custom plugins that can intercept recognized speech and perform virtually any function imaginable (programmable, scriptable).

Given this, who know what Siri will be able to do next.