Bethesda has some exciting plans in store for fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Pete Hines of the company posted an enticing hint on Twitter, saying that cool news and surprises are in store for the month of April.

Although new downloadable content has not been official confirmed by the studio, recent patents and clues point to an upcoming DLC. But another interesting addition that might have been overlooked is a new tower-defense mod that's in the works.

The new modification will give players the task of setting up a castle to defend against a wave of enemy troops, reports Kotaku. Gamers can buy farmers to grow more resources and soldiers to aid in the battle. When players aren't working behind the scenes to protect their territory, they might have the chance to participate in the fight first hand.

The Ultimate Tower Defense Mod was described as a radical overhaul by the gaming publication, and should be available sometime this month.

Could this be a precursor to the bigger DLC packs that are expected to launch? The new content has been described as a massive DLC in a Gamefaqs forum post from March 20th. Director of the game Todd Howard said in December that the additions would focus on ways to make the game better instead of making the already overwhelming world even bigger.

For those wishing to check out some other noteworthy mods in the meantime, the Dovahkiin Relaxes Too enables your Dovahkiin to greet other characters or play while relaxed and idle. Another alluring mod offers a variety of Princess Leia costumes based on the Star Wars franchise. For those wishing to add more defense to their arsenal, the Dwarven Mechanical Equipment mod adds two shields and one blade, which are transformed when switching from being sheathed to when the weapon is wielded. For more interesting mods and tidbits, check out Skyrim Nexus.