'Skyrim' DLC Release Date: 'We Do Make Other Games,' Bethesda Says, 'Dishonored' Trailer Debuts But No 'Elder Scrolls' News [VIDEO]
On April 16th Bethesda teased fans of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" with a screenshot via Twitter, hinting that a major announcement is to come. However, the new information the company was referring to applies to "Dishonored," not the open-world RPG that will be making its way to Kinect soon. Bethesda

The never-ending free roam RPG, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is known for its endless opportunities of continual gameplay. But for fans that may be getting a little bored, new downloadable content could be in the works.

Excitement sparked when Bethesda's parent company, ZeniMax filed a patent for the term Dawnguard. This indicates that a possible DLC could be coming in the near future. No details have been confirmed yet, but some clues about the new content have surfaced across the Internet. According to gaming tip site LetsProgram.com, footage from the upcoming DLC has leaked from the DICE conference.

Upon completing Skyrim, the team of Bethesda Game Studios took a week where everyone was given ONE task: 'Do whatever you want and put it in the game,' read a caption preceding the footage.

Features displayed in the video cover various aspects of gameplay, such as water arrows and Assassin's Vision to enhance stealth and new spell combinations.

Inspired by the recent Bethesda Game Jam video, Dean has been in overdrive thinking about all the different things he'd like to see added as DLC, as well as those he wouldn't, wrote LetsProgram.com in reference to the video.

Skyrim PC players also just received a new patch to address the issues tied to the 1.5 update. Called the 1.5.26 patch, the upgrade became available for computer users on March 28th. One of the major additions fans received from the 1.5 was the integration of kill cameras on ranged kills and first person kills.

Last week, a post on a GameFaqs forum indicated that players will be seeing three new downloadable content expansions, one called Riders of Hammerfell, the second titled Morrowind, and the last involving a werewolf quest line.

However, none of this has been confirmed by the developers, and is speculation at this point.