Humanity can rest easier knowing that the rumors of Snooki being pregnant were just that -- rumors.

Snooki  -- aka Nicole Polizzi  -- denied the tabloid reports of her pregnancy Wednesday on the Opie and Anthony radio show.

According to the Daily Mail, the Jersey Shore star is not putting off childbearing because she's an irresponsible train wreck with untold toxins coursing through her veins. Nope -- she reportedly said it woudn't make sense to get pregnant after losing all that weight. (Snooki recently lost over 20 lbs. and is enjoying the attention her new figure is bringing her.)

Snooki's rep also chimed in with a denial in a statement to MTV.

There's no truth to the reports, the statement said.

Said reports were published by Radar Online in a story claiming an upcoming issue of Star magazine would break news of the pregnancy.

An insider source reportedly told Star: She is pregnant and has only told her closest friends and some family.

Snooki fanned the flames with Twitter posts about cravings and feeling sick. Looks like she was just hungover!

The pint-sized star took the pregnancy rumors in stride, but was apparently upset that Radar Online might have been taking jabs at her weight.

Does that mean they're calling me fat? the New Jersey Star-Ledger quotes her as saying. Obviously, they're calling me fat, so I hate you Radar.

Though Snooki might not be in the family way at the moment, she recently told Jay Leno she was ready angling for a proposal from boyfriend Jionni LaValle.

I live my life crazy partying whatever, but I'm ready to settle down and have a little baby.