Nude photos of actress Stacey Dash were shared on Twitter and Reddit Sunday in an apparent continuation of the Fappening leak, which exposed the privacy dozens of female celebrities Aug. 31. The second round of the Fappening apparently included nude images of Kim Kardashian, actress Meagan Good and Vanessa Hudgens, but Dash wasn’t a victim of the apparent hack. The images posted of Dash Sunday were from a Playboy shoot she did in 2006.

Though Dash, 47, has been active on social media since the nude photos resurfaced, she has not responded. Instead, she shared quotes and recipes.

There are several different pictures that feature the actress on a bed with white sheets. She appears in several poses that expose her breasts and behind. One of the pictures involves Dash holding a mirror and smiling.

Dash told a blogger she was proud of her decision to pose for Playboy. “I was always thought to be the innocent, conservative actress. … And when I did the shoot for Playboy, it was like a burden was lifted off me,” she told Brown Sista in 2006. “I’m not the innocent actress anymore."

Even though Dash’s privacy wasn’t compromised during the weekend, there have been a slew of other celebrities who were victimized. Actress Meagan Good, who is known for films like “Stomp The Yard” and “Brick” was also apparently involved in the new Fappening leak. The star has not yet responded.

It’s unknown how hackers are getting a hold of celebrity nudes, but Apple has deflected blame. Even though it’s been rumored there was a breach with iCloud, the company maintains the system is secure and said weak passwords could have been responsible.

Reddit has taken down the Fappening, which is the subreddit where many of the nude photos first appeared. (The word “fap” is a slang term for masturbation.) Yet, users have still be able to share celebrity nudes on the website.

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