The fight for the survival of humanity reached a new level in episode 9 of FX’s “The Strain.” Residents of Red Hook took to the streets to fight off strigoi alongside police in “The Battle For Red Hook.”

Eichorst (Richard Sammel) appears to have a new plan in place when he heads to a boat on a pier near Wall Street. He offers a large amount of money to a Captain Messina (Philip Williams) to get him and 19 other passengers into Red Hook that night, and Messina agrees.

Kelly (Natalie Brown) is dwelling on failing to get Zach (Max Charles) away from Eph (Corey Stoll) and feels Nora (Mia Maestro) has replaced her. Eichorst tells her setbacks happen, and Zach belongs with her. He also tells her to freshen up because he has a new plan and says it’s time everyone sees the true power of the strigoi.

Back at Fet’s (Kevin Durand), Eph and company are recuperating after Kelly tracked down Zach and invaded the apartment, trying to take him. Zach blames himself, but Eph and Setrakian (David Bradley) explain to him the creature that took over Kelly’s body inherited her feelings and it’s trying to use those feelings to get to him. Setrakian is also aware the Master now knows where they are and Eichorst will come for him. Fet and Nora feel they need to reach out to Councilwoman Justine Feraldo (Samantha Mathis) to get more fire power and let her know a strigoi made its way into Red Hook.

Setrakian and Eph make their way to go see Justine at the police checkpoint. Once they get there, Eph, Setrakian and Zach barge in as her and Mayor Lyle (Ron Canada) discuss where to secure next. Eph tells them how Kelly, who is turned, came for Zach in Red Hook the night before, and the borough is no longer secure. Setrakian tries to tell them the Master knows where they are, but security takes them out of the room.

Fet Fet (Kevin Durand) tries to stop Kelly (Natalie Brown) in episode 9 of "The Strain" Photo: Michael Gibson/FX

Fet and Nora go off to check on Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) and Nikki (Nicola Correia-Damude) in their new apartment. Dutch still has strong feelings for Nikki, and it’s clear Fet still has strong feelings for Dutch. Fet fills her in on what happened with Kelly and how it might not be safe for them to stay on their own anymore, so they should come back to his apartment because safety is easier in numbers. Dutch says maybe, and Fet and Nora leave to go talk to Justine.

Dutch finishes up putting bars on the window of her and Nikki’s apartment just like Fet taught her. Nikki asks her if she loves Fet, and she says yes as Dutch asks if she stole her money. Nikki says she didn’t, but she did get rid of her laptop. The two continue to argue and it seems like Dutch is going to leave her when the two suddenly start to hook up.

Eichorst and Kelly make their way to Red Hook by water taxi safely, and unlike what the captain bargained for, Kelly unleashes her stinger on his throat as gratuity. Eichorst, Kelly and other strigoi make their way to the Red Hook electrical substation and invade it while killing all of the power to Red Hook in the process.

The mayor comes out of his meeting with Justine, as the power goes out. He tells his men to get him out of there and leaves it to Justine to handle the situation. Setrakian tells her the strigoi will come, and Justine accepts that challenge and grabs a gun along with police Captain Kowalski (Paulino Nunes), Eph and the others.

Just as Nora and Fet arrive, the strigoi storm the front gate of the Red Hook checkpoint. The strigoi are stopped in their tracks by gunfire, but Setrakian said they were just feeling out their defenses and even more would attack the gate soon. Fet knows they can’t stop that many strigoi without UV light, so he, Eph, Nora and Zach head to the electrical substation to get the power back on. Setrakian goes off on his own to find Eichorst, but Eph doesn’t want him to go alone so he tells Setrakian once they get the power on he’s going to meet him back at Fet's.

Justine Councilwoman Justin Feraldo (Samatha Mathis) rallies up Red Hook to fight the strigoi in episode 9 of "The Strain." Photo: Michael Gibson/FX

Captain Kowalski and Justine hear the strigoi making noise and they know they’re up to something. They climb up on a platform and see hundreds of strigoi as Justine starts to cry thinking it’s suicide for all of them. Kowalski talks her off the ledge and tells her to stick to her guns, everyone is where they belong and not to hesitate again because it will get them killed. Justine then heads out and rallies up the residents of Red Hook, as she goes through the streets in a police escort telling residents no one is coming to help them and they are going to have to fight to protect themselves.

Back at the power station, Eph, Fet, Nora and Zach shoot their way through several strigoi while trying to find where to turn the power back on. In the process one of the strigoi sees Zack and Kelly senses through this strigoi as she’s walking with Eichorst. Eichorst knows what she saw and he tells her to go while he goes to take care of Setrakian.

Nora, Eph, Fet and Zack reach the source for turning on the power. Once they’re inside safely, Eph figures Fet and Nora have everything under control so he goes to meet up with Setrakian, leaving Zack with Nora and Fet because it's safer.

Back at the barricade, the strigoi swarm the gate and push police forces backward. Luckily for the police, the residents come swarming in behind them to fight off the strigoi. In the mix of the residents is Dutch, who couldn’t help but get involved in the fight. She cuts off as many strigoi heads as she can, but runs into trouble when she’s grabbed by a strigoi. Nikki shows up and stabs the strigoi, saving her life.

Fet and Nora figure out how to turn the power back on just in time. Power to Red Hook is restored, and the UV lights at the barricade turn back on killing all of the strigoi as they shrivel up in flames. Just when it seems everything has worked out, Kelly shows up and spots Zach through the power room window. Seeing Zach retreat to Nora infuriates Kelly, and she tries to break the window.

Power Station Eph (Corey Stoll, left), Zach (Max Charles, middle-left), Nora (Mia Maestro, middle-right), and Fet (Kevin Durand, right) in a still from episode 9 of "The Strain." Photo: Michael Gibson/FX

Fet tells Nora and Zach to distract Kelly as he fires his gun at her through an open door. Fet then tries to stop her, but Kelly is fast and escapes. Fet can’t find where she's gone and she suddenly attacks him from behind knocking his gun from his hand, which Kelly picks up and fires at him and then at the window at Nora, as Zach hides below the window. Fet continues to battle with her, but police then show up and shoot at Kelly, but she’s able to escape.

Eichorst shows up at Fet’s apartment looking for Setrakian. He begins going through Setrakian’s texts when the power comes back on, which enrages him. Setrakian then calls Eichorst out to the street so they can finish things once and for all. After the two have a brief wild west stare down, Eichorst charges Setrakian and a shot rings out. Eph, who is nowhere nearly as good with a weapon as his is with surgeries, fired the show from up in a building but missed. Eichorst then sprints toward the building after Eph, as Eph retreats.

Eph tries hiding in the building, but Eichorst is able to find him and taunts Eph about how he can see Kelly’s thoughts and memories and how the ones with him are unpleasant. Eph continues to try and shoot Eichorst but keeps missing and he runs out to the roof. Eph runs out of ammo and Eichorst goes to attack and turn Eph when he gets shot twice by Setrakian who was watching from a floor above. Eichorst leaps off the roof and escapes before Eph and Setrakian can finish him off.

Back at the barricade, police and residents rejoice after the victory. The team comes back together as Justine addresses the crowd and tells them that the day will go down as a turning point in the war against the strigoi. The humans won the battle, but the war with the Master is far from over.