Kelly The Strain
Kelly (Natalie Brown) continues to search for Zach (Max Charles, not pictured) in episode 8 of "The Strain" to turn him into a strigoi. FX

The Washington D.C. bioweapon plan failed, but Eph (Corey Stoll) looks like he’s ready to execute a new plan to stop the master: killing Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde). However, he may have to deal with an unwelcome visitor before that happens on FX’s “The Strain” episode 8, titled “Intruders.”

The synopsis for episode 8 reveals Eph will have to protect Zach (Max Charles) from a surprise intruder, who is most likely going to be Kelly (Natalie Brown). She came close to getting Zack in episode 6 while Eph was down in Washington D.C., so it will be interesting to see how Eph handles dealing with his ex-wife.

In the promo video for episode 8, Eph is shown talking to Zack and trying to explain that his mother is not his mother anymore. “Your mother is dead, a creature took over her body, her one goal is to turn you,” Eph says.

After no Gus (Miguel Gomez) and Angel (Joaquín Cosio) in episode 7, the two are set to return this week. Gus and Angel were last seen delivering food to an apartment building with waitress Aanya Gupta (Parveen Kaur), where they ran into some strigoi. During the fight, Angel re-aggravated his knee injury and Gus and Aanya had to help walk him out.

In episode 8, Gus will urge the Guptas to make a tough choice, which will probably be to close the restaurant for their own safety. It will also be interesting to see if Angel will now respect Gus for helping him following the battle with the strigoi.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last heard any news of the Occido Lumen, the book Setrakian (David Bradley) believes can stop the master. The synopsis continues that he and Fet (Kevin Durand) will try to buy the book, but there may be another bidder they’ll have to compete with. Could the other buyer be Mr. Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) who blamed Setrakian for letting the Master escape in episode 7?

Speaking of Mr. Quinlan, there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered about him. It was revealed he’s half human and half strigoi and that the Master did something to his mother. Is Mr. Quinlan the son of the Master? What happened to his mother? Is he out to get the Master because of whatever happened to her? The answers will likely be revealed soon enough.

“The Strain” Season 2, episode 8 will air on FX on Sunday, Aug. 30, at 10 p.m. EDT.