Sunday marked "Super Mario Bros." 30th anniversary, and to celebrate Google has planted a very appropriate Easter egg on its site -- and it could be gone very soon.

"Super Mario Bros." was first released on Sept. 13, 1985, as a kind of sequel to Nintendo's popular "Mario Bros." game from 1983.

First you have to type "Super Mario Bros." into Google; in the breakout box on the right you will see one of the iconic question mark boxes shifting colors. Turn your volume up, click on the box repeatedly and enjoy the satisfaction of collecting those coins.

Super Mario Bros Easter Egg Google's "Super Mario Bros." Easter egg celebrating the 30th anniversary of the game could be taken down any moment, so get clicking. Photo: Google

For "Super Mario Bros." fans the Easter egg is sure to bring back some nostalgia, and give you the urge to drop what you’re doing and go play the game, or maybe the new "Super Mario Maker."

Also on Monday Nintendo announced a new president, following the death of Satoru Iwata in July.