Super Mario Maker
Some of the level making possible in "Super Mario Maker."

Nintendo has announced a number of titles for the holiday season, including new Wii U bundles and two heavily anticipated games: “Super Mario Maker” and “Star Fox Zero.” The company has heavily hyped these games, as being must have Wii U titles, especially since the console has been lacking big name games. The company also announced a slew of games for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

After numerous delays, “Super Mario Maker” will finally be released on Sept. 11 for the suggested retail price of $59.99, according to GameSpot. The title will allow players to get creative and make their own Mario levels for others to try and beat online. It was also revealed that Walmart would be the exclusive retailer for the “Mario Maker” Wii U bundle.

Meanwhile, the anticipated “Star Fox Zero” will be coming to the Wii U on Nov. 20 for $59.99. The developers of the game stated that the title would be appropriate for all ages and that parents would be able to help their children play the game with a unique two-player system. Nintendo also stated that “Star Fox Zero” is not a reboot of the series but is simply a reimagining of the original title.

One controversial aspect of “Star Fox Zero” might be its length. According to Game Informer, the game will be as long as a movie, so it might only be beaten in two to three hours. If the game is that short, gamers might complain about the title’s $59.99 price and its value as a Wii U exclusive.

Other noteworthy titles that Nintendo brought up include “Yoshi’s Wooly World,” “Xenoblade Chronicles X,” “Devil’s Third” and many more. Most of these titles will be released from October to December, hinting that Nintendo will have a strong gaming presence during the holiday season.

In addition, Nintendo also announced a new combo pack that will feature two Mario games: “New Super Mario Bros. U” and “New Super Luigi U.” Both titles will be available as one package for the retail price of $59.99.

The Nintendo Wii U has rebounded quite nicely, after launching with only a few titles and ports. Thanks to games like “Splatoon” and the upcoming titles in the holiday season, it seems like the company will finally gain some momentum.

Wii U - Let's Watch! Super Mario Maker Overview! (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo)