Lydia couldn’t exactly keep her promise to Stiles. Though she promised him that she’d remember him, Lydia couldn’t resist the Ghost Riders’ control. They erased him from reality. But in “Teen Wolf” Season 6, episode 2, Lydia, Scott and Malia realized that someone was missing from their lives.

Seeing The Ghost Riders: The MTV drama started with a pack of Ghost Riders coming through. There are dozens of them, but they can’t be seen. Scott (Tyler Posey) nearly hears them galloping, but he brushes off the feeling.

Inside the school, Mason (Khylin Rhambo) stays with Corey (Michael Johnston) for an extra credit physics lab. Mason is a genius, but Corey has a low GPA. Coach Finstock (Orny Adams) kicks them out, though. He notes how weird it is that kids are doing extra credit without a teacher present at 9 p.m.

The boys leave, but Mason realizes he left his phone in the classroom. Corey waits for him outside at first, but he wanders back into the building. The clock suddenly stops, and a door creepily opens. Corey turns himself invisible and sees a Ghost Rider. He texts Mason, telling him not to go anywhere.

Mason, apparently unable to follow instructions, goes to the library looking for his boyfriend and finds Jake (Tanner Stine) being strangled in midair by an invisible force. Corey grabs Mason and makes him invisible too. It seems the disappearing act puts them on whatever plane the Ghost Riders function on. They can see the Ghost Riders strangling the student with their lasso.

Liam suddenly knows that Mason is in trouble. The Ghost Riders didn’t seem to care about Corey and Mason, though. The boys say the villains just left. They can’t remember anyone being killed.

Corey and Mason revisit the library later. Corey thinks the horsemen were holding something, but he can’t remember. Mason realizes they must have had a victim.

Liam doesn’t trust Corey, though. He doesn’t like that Corey used to be in Theo’s (Cody Christian) pack (nevermind that Hayden was too). Liam wants Corey to disappear for good, but Corey doesn’t care. He doesn’t need to be friends with his boyfriend’s pack. Mason wants the two most important guys in his life to get along, though.

Corey goes to Liam and says he was wrong. Mason is upset, and he needs to fix this. He offers to work with Liam to find a trace of the Ghost Riders. Corey pulls Liam into the invisible plane. They go back to the library and find a card. It’s not in the regular dimension, but Corey pulls it into reality. It’s a blank library card. As soon as they scan the card and see who it belonged to, the blank card has Jake Sullivan’s ID printed on it. They realize that the Ghost Riders took a friend.

Malia’s Struggle: Malia (Shelley Hennig) is not exactly anchored to humanity anymore. She is giving into her primal urges. She has sex with some random guy, Nathan (Ross Butler), who gets a little freaked out by the chains she has in her room.

She is having trouble controlling herself. Malia’s claws nearly come out after getting a bad grade. She also built a coyote den in the corner of her room to sleep in.

Malia eventually calls Lydia (Holland Roden) to the school basement and asks the banshee to chain her up. Lydia isn’t so sure about this. Malia says she can’t control herself anymore. She can’t quite remember how she used to chain herself up during the full moon. Who was helping her fight to stay human?

Scott’s Replacement: Scott is busy helping Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) with lacrosse practice. He thought that Liam had a terrible back shot, but the young werewolf is great. He must have been thinking of someone else.

Scott is stepping down as lacrosse captain to focus on his grades, so one of the team members has the opportunity to step up. Scott wants Liam to replace him, but Coach says he isn’t captain material. Scott feels like Liam threw the practice. Liam doesn’t think Coach or the team wants him to lead them. Scott is really intense about it, and it’s clear that this isn’t just a sport. Scott needs an alpha to protect Beacon Hills.

The Sheriff’s Wife: Everyone feels like they’re forgetting someone, except Stiles’ father. Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) doesn’t seem to feel a hole in his life, but that’s because someone else has been added to his family. Claudia is still alive and married to the Sheriff. She even brought him dinner. “Happy?” he asks her.

“Always,” she says.

It’s a cute moment, but her presence is super questionable. Claudia died of frontotemporal dementia about 10 years ago. How would Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) disappearing affect that?

The Pack Remembers: It’s Scott, Malia and Lydia who realize someone is missing. Lydia has a vision about a train passing through her room. Her mother claims it’s just a bad dream, but Lydia wasn’t actually asleep.

When Lydia gets to school, she notices Stiles’ locker. Scott is drawn to it too, and even tries to break into it until Mr. Douglas (Pete Ploszek) catches him.

Lydia can’t escape her nagging feelings, though. She has a vision of a doctor sitting next to her in the classroom. Suddenly, Lydia feels the train again. No one in class notices, but she looks terrified.

When class ends, Lydia sees the doctor again. She chases the woman outside, where it’s suddenly nighttime. She’s in her dress from the last episode and hears Stiles’ voice. She’s pulled out of the hallucination when Malia saves her from being hit by a car. Lydia knows that she forgot someone important.

Scott goes to Deaton (Seth Gilliam) and explains how he can’t remember something. Deaton says his subconscious is trying to tell him something, and dreams are used to tell people things they might be forgetting. Deaton simply suggests Scott gets some sleep. Scott takes the advice, but it isn’t too relaxing. He wakes up in the woods.

Scott calls Lydia and Malia, and the werecoyote suddenly abandons her plan to get chained up. They meet him in the woods. Scott remembers the night he became a wolf — well, just parts of it. He is trying to remember why he was looking for a dead body. He doesn’t know why he was out there, how he even got to the woods or why the Sheriff knew he would be looking for a body. He knows one thing: he wasn’t there alone.

Scott says that he had a best friend with him. Malia and Lydia agree that someone is missing. “Whoever it is, I think I loved him,” Lydia says. Scott thinks they’re all missing the same person.

Lydia stares into the blue shard of glass from the windshield that the Ghost Riders broke. Deaton leaves her alone in the dark, hoping that she’ll subconsciously write something down after going into a trance. He warns Scott that it might not work, but she starts writing furiously.

Deaton stops her, and Lydia stays in the trance. They realize that she has written the word “mischief” over and over. However, she wrote it in the shape of the letters making up the name Stiles.

“What the hell is a Stiles?” she asks when she snaps out of the trance. She asked the same thing in an early Season 1 episode. Let’s hope she remembers what a Stiles is this time.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.