“Teen Wolf” kicked off their final season with a roar. The Ghost Riders, villains who can erase people from existence, were introduced on the MTV drama. Stiles was thrilled to find something supernatural happening after three disturbingly normal months in Beacon Hills. However, he’ll soon regret his curiosity. The Season 6 premiere revealed that Stiles is in serious trouble.

Season 6, episode one starts with a date gone wrong. Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Hayden (Victoria Moroles) have broken down on the side of a road. A car creepily rolls by until it hits a fence. They find that there is no driver, only a scared kid in the backseat. “Don’t let them take me too,” the kid says.

Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), meanwhile, just tried to stop a good old-fashioned robbery. Their criminal got away, Stiles sprained his wrist and the only thing they saved was a car full of stolen helium tanks. Scott thinks this means that Beacon Hills will be safe without them. Stiles isn’t so sure, and that’s when his dad (Linden Ashby) calls with the information Hayden and Liam have brought him.

The kid, Alex, does not have any memory of what happened to his mom and dad, so he consents to letting Scott use his claws to dig into his memories. Alex was on the road with his parents when they came across a dark figure on horseback: a Ghost Rider. The car stops working as the Ghost Rider pulls the parents out of the car. When Scott comes out of the memory, he and Alex both know that the Ghost Riders are going to come back for him.

Lydia (Holland Roden) inspects the car to see if she can get any banshee vibes. Much to Stiles’ disappointment, she doesn’t feel anything weird. Malia (Shelley Hennig) shows up in full coyote mode and says she can’t pick up any scents from their car. They’re starting to wonder if this is a regular human problem.

“Once a week you drag me out of bed like I’m some sort of supernatural metal detector,” Lydia tells Stiles. He acknowledges that it’s way more often than once a week, but after three months of no supernatural activity, he knows that something is brewing in Beacon Hills.

Lydia and Malia leave, but Scott and Stiles realize the gun shot isn’t like a normal bullet hole in a windshield. They just might be dealing with a magic bullet. The windshield has even turned blue.

Stiles can’t get any of the pack members with him to go investigate. Finally, he convinces Scott after showing him the windshield’s color change, but Mrs. Martin (Susan Walters) drags them back into school. She had to beg the superintendent to let Scott stay after his 38 absences last semester.

School doesn’t always prevent the supernatural investigations. While in class, Lydia gets a vibe. The static on a TV in the classroom seems to be calling her. When she goes to touch it, she seems to be struck by lightning. Suddenly, she’s simply standing in the classroom. It was just a weird vision.

At the Sheriff’s office, the deputies lose track of Alex, and they find him in a jail cell. He wants to stay locked up where no one can get him. The Sheriff allows it.

Scott and Stiles go to Alex’s address after school. The house is abandoned, and it doesn’t look like his parents left recently. It’s covered in cobwebs. It doesn’t look like anyone has been there in years. They wonder if Alex made a mistake or lied.

They come across a room with a closed door. When Stiles opens it, they find that Alex’s room is completely in tact. It’s clean and looks like it is being lived in. Stiles notes that no one is in Alex’s photos with him. Even in a #1 Dad frame, Alex’s arm seems to be stretched out to hold no one.

Scott heads downstairs when he hears a noise. The plates and glasses on the table are suddenly missing. Stiles looks under the bed and sees a bloody horse’s hoofs. He gets on his feet, but no one is there.

Scott discovers Liam and Mason downstairs. They noticed that compasses on their phones weren’t working, so they stole a real compass from their cute, new teacher Mr. Douglas (Pete Ploszek). It led them to this address.

While they’re talking, Stiles sees a Ghost Rider in a hallway upstairs. The villain tries to shoot, but the boys downstairs hear a noise. They rush up, and the horseman disappears. Stiles knows that they’re erasing people.

While Stiles is filling in Lydia on the situation, Lydia suddenly hears a song in her head: “Riders on the Storm.” She realizes who they are. The Ghost Riders are part of the Wild Hunt legend. Stiles is so happy he could kiss her.

“Do not kiss me,” Lydia says.

He kisses her on the cheek anyway. She doesn’t seem annoyed though. It kind of looks as though she liked it.

Elsewhere, Liam says he can be the alpha when Scott graduates. Hayden doesn’t seem very confident in his abilities, and Liam isn’t exactly self-assured either. They can’t argue, though. They smell blood. It’s everywhere, so they realize it must be coming through the vents.

They go to the boiler room and find a dead body. It’s the guy who was stealing the helium tanks, and he has a weird, curved gash in the back of his skull.

While the younger kids find the body, Stiles tells Scott everything. They realize that Alex is next. When they get to the station, the deputy has no idea who Alex is. They’re too late. The Ghost Riders took him.

Stiles and Scott think Liam and Hayden are next because they were first to talk to Alex. They split up, but Stiles tries to say something meaningful before they go their separate ways. Scott tells him that he can say it later.

Stiles runs into Mrs. Martin, who doesn’t understand why he is looking for the Sheriff or why he knows about the body. Stiles finds Liam and Hayden and tries to warn them. “Do you go to this school?” Mason asks.

Suddenly, Stiles realizes that his photo form being oddly blank and his lacrosse jersey being given away were warning signs. He runs up to his dad. “Son, you okay?” the Sheriff asks. Stiles thinks that means his Dad is safe.

“We’ll figure this out together,” the Sheriff says. “Now why don’t you tell me your name?”

Stiles walks away in shock. He calls Scott, but Scott doesn’t know who is calling. Everyone has forgotten him. Well, almost everyone.

Lydia calls Malia. She knows something bad is going to happen, but she isn’t sure what. Lydia realizes Stiles is the next victim because he saw the Ghost Rider. “Where’s Stiles?” she asks Malia. The werecoyote doesn’t know who Stiles is.

Lydia runs to find her friend, and he’s relieved when she recognizes him. It’s too late, though. Stiles sees the Ghost Rider, but Lydia can’t. He tells her to get away from him, but she refuses. Suddenly, horsemen are surrounding them. He brings Lydia to the Jeep and tells her not to look at them or even scream. He doesn’t want them to take her too.

He won’t start the car, though. He is going to be erased. Lydia promises not to forget him. “Find some way to remember me,” Stiles begs. He reminds her of the formal where they danced together and the obnoxious crush he always had on her.

“Remember I love you,” Stiles tells her before the Ghost Riders rip him away.

“Remember, remember,” she whispers to herself as she cries in Stiles’ Jeep.

The next day, Lydia walks into school and feels like she is forgetting something. She can’t remember Stiles.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6, the final season, airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.