Arnold Schwarzenegger, former body-builder, action hero, and ex-governor notable for his role as The Terminator, returned to his two-story childhood home in Thal, Austria for a formal inauguration of a museum dedicated to his life. 

Hundreds of fans gathered in the rain Saturday to see Austria's most famous celebrity and the home where he was born. Crowds cheered as he unveiled a bronze statue of himself during his Mr. Universe days.

The cheers in Austria are a far cry from his personal travails in the U.S. Schwarzenegger is currently under fire for fathering a child with a woman who worked for his family as a housekeeper. His long beloved wife, Maria Shriver, of 25 years quickly filed for divorce quickly after the secrets were revealed. Former Hollywood action star now faces heat in the U.S. from the press and his family.

The museum has been open since July. It displays a collection of items celebrating the life of the beloved star, including: his first barbell, the metal bed he slept on in his youth, life-size Terminator models, and a dark wooden desk he used during his time as California governor.