Tim Cook: 3 Important Decisions That Makes Cook a Better Apple CEO Than Steve Jobs (PHOTOS)

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  • Tim Cook(L) and Steve Jobs
    Tim Cook: 3 Important Decisions That Makes Cook a Better Apple CEO Than Steve Jobs A few weeks ago, the media was wondering what the company would do with its nearly-$100 billion pile of cash? How would Apple utilize the cash, everyone wondered. Apple gave them the answer. But instead of going for something new, Apple just decided to roll out $10 billion dividend each year to its shareholders. $10 billion a year is still petty change for Apple, which has $100 billion in bank, but it's a good start. Especially since Apple has loosened its purse strings after 17 years. "This is indicative of the changing of the guard at Apple. I don't think this would have happened under Steve Jobs. This clearly shows Tim Cook is his own man." says ISI Group analyst Brian Marshall. Reuters
  • Tim Cook (L) and CEO Steve Jobs
    Tim Cook: 3 Important Decisions That Makes Cook a Better Apple CEO Than Steve Jobs Apple cares more about its employee and this is what they showed in the charitable Matching Donation program with the company offering to match employees' personal charitable contributions dollar-by-dollar up to $10,000 per year. The program is, however, available to U.S.-based full-time employees only and the company is going to extend it overseas soon. Jobs was a creative genius but was not particularly known for his philanthropic and charitable drives. Reuters
  • Foxconn Issue
    Tim Cook: 3 Important Decisions That Makes Cook a Better Apple CEO Than Steve Jobs Criticism have often been leveled against the working conditions at Apple's supplier chains and manufacturing partners in China, especially Foxconn, but till recently, the world's most valuable company did little to address the problem. Tim Cook recently released a letter saying that Apple cares about every worker in its worldwide supply chain. Also, Apple reportedly gave a compensation of $800 to Pegatron blast victims. Despite the building pressure on Apple, Tim Cook was able to shrug off the criticism and come out clean. Reuters
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How much you know about Apple CEO Tim Cook? Do you think Cook is different or same as the mighty Steve Jobs? Is he handling the company like the former CEO did? Or better?

There many questions related to Tim Cook, ranging from whether he'll be able to assume the legacy left behind by Steve Jobs, to whether Cook has what it takes to run Apple differently.

Being the successor of Jobs is not easy. Cook may not have the same charisma as Jobs and he probably will never get the same cult following or celebrity status like Steve Jobs. But the performance report card indicates that Cook is not afraid to emerge from Jobs' shadow and do things in his own way.

Cook, so far, has led the company successfully. And, though he may not be driven by the demons Jobs had, in some aspects, Cook has done better than his predecessor.

Here are top 3 important decisions that made Cook not only emerge from the former CEO's shadow but also presented Cook as a more well rounded, even keeled CEO than Jobs. Start the slideshow to check them out.

(reported by Johnny Wills, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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