The life of a celebrity is intriguing and many wonder what they are like when they are not in front of the cameras. While some are left wondering, there are others who go digging - either through a celebrity's garbage or by staking out at their Hollywood homes.

Then there are others who don't want to get too close to the stars and would rather steal a celebrity's information from their cell phones or personal computers via the Internet.

Yes, celebrities and politicians do fall victim of hackers and others who jujst want to know or have their business out in the open. Many of celebrities had their personal information and private photos leaked this year (or photos alleging to be of them.) Some politicians just got tangled up with the wrong people.

The most publicized celebrity nude photo scandal this year was that of Scarlett Johansson. Nude pictures of the actress, which she said was intended for her ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds, were stolen and leaked online in September.

Since the release of those photos the FBI has arrested and charged a Florida man they said hacked Johansson's photos and the private images of at least 50 others.

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