International tensions are spiking the price of oil -- crude pushed $105 per barrel on Monday -- and with it, gasoline at the pump is going up.

On Monday, wholesale regular unleaded gasoline was trading at $3.21 per gallon. At the retail gas station, however, prices are higher and run the risk of increasing if warmongering results in armed conflict in the Middle East. Analysts say the price of regular unleaded could easily exceed $4 per gallon nationwide this summer.

For those purchasing a new car and looking to save on gasoline prices, here is a list of the top 15 fuel efficient cars on the market, according to

The Top Electrics and Hybrids

Not surprisingly, electric and hybrid cars top this list, with the top four spots based on fuel efficiency. With a combined fuel economy of 196 miles per gallon in the city, Nissan's Leaf SL, Chevrolet's Volt, and Toyota's Prius Four and V Three outperformed combustion engines in overall, city, highway and on a 150-mile trip.

Nissan Leaf SL - 86 mpg

Chevy Volt - 45 mpg

Toyota Prius Four - 32 mpg

Toyota Prius v Three - 33 mpg

Other Contenders

Following close behind the top four are other hybrids whose mileage falls short of their rivals. Coming in at a combined 152 mpg in the city, the Lexus CT 200h Premium, Honda's Civic Hybrid, Smart's ForTwo Passion and Toyota's Camery Hybrid XLE. Although not technically a hybrid or an electric car, Smart's two-seater does offer mileage above that of its rival combustion-driven cars.

Lexus CT 200h Premium - 31 mpg

Honda Civic Hybrid - 28 mpg

Smart ForTwo Passion - 30 mpg

Toyota Camery Hybrid XLE - 32 mpg

Combustion Engine

The next seven on our list are predictably combustion engine cars. With a combined 133 mpg in the city, the Honda Insight EX, VW's Golf TDI, Passat TDI and Jetta SportWagen and Honda's CR-Z EX take spots nine through 12 place.

Honda Insight EX - 29 mpg

Volkswagen Golf TDI, Passat and Jetta - 27, 26 and 25 mpg

Honda CR- Z EX - 26 mpg.

The Rear

In a tie for last place, each getting 25 mpg in city driving, are the Fiat 500 Pop and the Ford Fusion Hybrid.