2012 Election: Mitt Romney Favored Over Barack Obama To Advance The Technology Industry [FULL TEXT]

Which 2012 Campaign Issues Really Matter To Wall Street Investors?

While the presidential candidates' plans to tackle unemployment, the national debt, health care reform, immigration, gay marriage and gun control might be the topics that have Main Street voters buzzing ahead of this year's election, a new report by the global equity research team at Standard & Poor's shows Wall Street investors have very different policy debates in mind.
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The Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II in flight.

Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II: Too Much Private Plane Or Just Right?

The P180 Avanti II is striking. Even stationary on the tarmac, the plane from Italian aerospace company Piaggio Aero looks like it will rise into the air with the slightest breath of breeze, a magnificent Roc ready to take to the skies and transport its travelers to wondrous lands, or the Essex County Airport in Caldwell, New Jersey, in other circumstances.
AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson talks with Reuters reporters during the Reuters Autos Summit in Detroit, Michigan

AutoNation Leads Automobile Dealers in 1Q Earnings Gains

AutoNation Inc. (NYSE: AN), Penkse Automotive Group Inc. (NYSE: PAG) and Sonic Automotive Inc.( NYSE: SAH), the three largest auto dealer groups, each reported profit growth in the first quarter, demonstrating the quarter's strong auto sales.
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Auto sales up as consumer confidence rises

Auto sales continued a robust pace in March, boosted by consumers with more confidence in a recovering U.S. economy who want to buy fuel-efficient cars and trucks in the face of rising gasoline prices.
Ford Fusion

Gas Price Rise Spurs Highest-Ever Fuel Economy Average Of Sold Vehicles

In an auto industry placing increased emphasis on fuel economy in its vehicles, Ford Motor Co. serves as the poster child. The average fuel economy of Ford's sold passenger vehicles and trucks jumped by an average of 4.9 miles per gallon in February from the year-ago period. Unsurprising in those results is the credit due to the Ford Fusion and Focus, on which the company has placed an emphasis on greater fuel economy.
Top MPG Vehicles

The Top 15 MPG Vehicles

For those purchasing a new car and looking to save on gasoline prices, here is a list of the top 15 fuel efficient cars out on the market, according to ConsumerReports.org.
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Gas Prices Rising, So Cars' Fuel Economy Rising, Too: Study

The average fuel economy of 2012 model year vehicles is 14 percent higher than the same mark of just four years earlier, according to a University of Michigan study, confirming automakers' push to appeal to consumers' desires for more fuel efficient vehicles.


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