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  • Jan Brewer, Arizona (Republican)
    Immigration Policy's New Sticking Point: Drivers' Licenses For The Undocumented

    August 23 2012 7:04 AM EDT

    Immigrants who are granted a two-year reprieve known as deferred action still face questions about what benefits they can receive, among them drivers' licenses.

  • NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Makes First Movement On Red Planet, Begins Driving From Landing Site [PHOTO]

    August 23 2012 4:53 AM EDT

    Being the first ever movement on the Martian surface, Curiosity's drive combined forward, turn and reverse segments, placing the rover approximately 20 feet (6 meters) from the spot where it landed Aug. 5.

  • Barges on MIssissippi
    Barges Back Up On Drought-Lowered Mississippi

    August 22 2012 3:10 PM EDT

    Traffic on the Mississippi River halted again Wednesday due to a grounded barge near Greenville, Miss., as the nation's main waterway falls toward a record low level because of the worst U.S. drought in over a half century.

  • Hector Herrera
    Manchester United Transfer Rumours: Herrera, Kaka, Nani and Hernandez Discussed in Latest Speculation

    August 22 2012 2:51 PM EDT

    The latest news as speculation increases that Manchester United could be set for their fourth signing in the space of a week.

  • Latin America Wealth Gap Climbing, Despite Progress Against Poverty: UN

    August 22 2012 1:46 PM EDT

    At present, the widest wealth gap is found in Guatemala, while Venezuela boasts the most equitable income distribution in the region.

  • Little League World Series 2012: Japan vs. Panama, Texas vs. Tennesse; Watch FREE Live Stream Online, Preview

    August 22 2012 12:11 PM EDT

    Japan takes on Panama and Texas takes on Tennessee on Aug. 22 in the 2012 Little League World Series. Here’s how to watch a free live stream online of each game.

  • Hurricane Isaac Expected To Land Near GOP National Convention 2012; Weather Advisory Issued By National Hurricane Center In Miami

    August 22 2012 10:37 AM EDT

    An advisory was issued at 5 a.m. on Wednesday morning in the midst of tropical storm Isaac, a weather system that is expected to reach hurricane strength.

  • Pre-Opening Corn Market Report for 8/22/2012

    August 22 2012 10:25 AM EDT

    December corn is trading 4 cents lower near 7:30 am CST. The lower trade is linked to profit taking and weaker outside markets. A better than expected corn yield for parts of Indiana was reported the crop tour yesterday evening which likely trigger a slight amount of profit taking after this week's rally. Outside market forces are offering pressure to the grain markets this morning as the US Dollar trades higher and the US Stock market set to open the day lower. Poor export data reported out ...

  • Pre-Opening Soy Complex Market Report 8/22

    August 22 2012 10:24 AM EDT

    November soybeans are trading 11 cents lower near 7:30 am cst. Soybean meal and oil are trading lower as well. The overnight weakness is inked to profit taking after strong gains this week. Malaysian Palm Oil prices closed at their highest level in more than a month after yesterday's 3% gain in the US soybean market.

  • Obama and Gasoline

    August 21 2012 6:40 PM EDT

    US Gasoline at August record highs. US drivers paid an average of $3.72 per gallon Monday. That's the highest price ever on this date, according to auto club AAA, a shade above the $3.717 average on 20 August 2008. A year ago, the average was $3.578.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson
    Manchester United Transfer Rumours: Five Players United May Still Sign Before the Transfer Deadline

    August 21 2012 5:05 PM EDT

    Despite signing two more players on Tuesday, Manchester United could still be active in the transfer market before the August 31 deadline.

  • Pre-Opening Corn Market Report for 8/21/2012

    August 21 2012 10:54 AM EDT

    December corn is trading 5 cents higher near 7:30 am CST. The new crop contract traded in a steady range for most of the night but turned higher as European markets opened. Worse than expected reports from a crop tour yesterday was supportive to the overnight trade. Dalian corn was higher overnight. European stock markets and the Euro opened stronger overnight on optimism over Greece's financial outlook and on hopes that the ECB will begin purchasing sovereign bonds to stabilize the Eurozone....

  • Oil prices firming

    August 21 2012 10:51 AM EDT

    Oil prices continue to melt upward from ongoing geopolitical concerns, supply issues in the North Sea due to maintenance as well as a plethora of refinery outages in the US and elsewhere over the last month or so. In addition the perception that a new solution by the ECB as well as a new round of easing has supported most risk asset prices... including oil. Since bottoming out in late June WTI is up by about $18/bbl while Brent has gained about $26/bbl. Nymex Refined products have been more in l...

  • The Energy Report - Number Nine Number Nine

    August 21 2012 9:07 AM EDT

    Oil also is getting support from more talk of war. The Times of Israel reports that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "is determined to attack Iran before the US elections," Israel's Channel 10 News claimed on Monday night, and Israel is now "closer than ever" to a strike designed to thwart Iran's nuclear drive. In Syria President Obama drew a line in the sand and warned that if there is any evidence that Syria's chemicals or biological weapons are being moved or...

  • Todd Akin's Remarks On Rape-Pregnancy Rates Only True For Some Nonhuman Animals

    August 20 2012 12:52 PM EDT

    A Missouri congressman is drawing fire for suggesting that women's bodies can shut down pregnancy after being raped. There's no evidence to show that humans can do this, but some animals actually do have methods to avoid pregnancy from rape.

  • Little League World Series 2012: Watch FREE Live Stream Online, Preview for Aug. 20 Games

    August 20 2012 12:36 PM EDT

    Five 2012 Little League World Series games are scheduled for Aug.20. Here?s how to watch a free live stream online for each contest.

  • Pre-Opening Corn Market Report for 8/20/2012

    August 20 2012 10:20 AM EDT

    December corn is trading 6 cents higher near 7:30 am CST. The higher trade is linked to a drier than expected weekend for much of the Midwest and reports of lower than expected corn yields as harvest progressed across the Corn Belt. Dalian corn was slightly higher overnight. European markets traded slightly lower overnight following last week's strong performance. The Euro nudged higher and the US Dollar is trading lower early this morning providing support to the US commodity sector. Decembe...

  • Mars Rover Curiosity Blasts Martian Rock With Laser For Science [VIDEO Of Landing]

    August 19 2012 8:54 PM EDT

    When Curiosity hit the rock with its laser, atoms on Coronation were transformed into plasma, allowing the rover's ChemCam to use a specialized device called a spectrometer to determine the chemical makeup of the rock.

  • Javier Hernandez
    Chelsea Transfer Rumours: Hernandez, Moses, Azpilicueta and Meireles Discussed in Latest Speculation

    August 17 2012 5:06 PM EDT

    Chelsea have made an audacious bid for one of their biggest rivals' strikers as they look to round-out their squad before the close of the transfer window.

  • Demand

    August 17 2012 2:19 PM EDT

    Thursdays weekly export sales report shed some light on pre harvest demand. Wheat export sales last week for future shipment were 396 T.M.T. down 40% from the week prior and 26% under our four week average. Though ending stocks are shrinking they are still more than ample. These were disappointing export sales but eyes are shifting towards the new crop year and weather. The U.S. starts planting of its winter wheat crop in September.