Season 6 of “True Blood” came to an end with episode 10, “Radioactive,” on Sunday, Aug. 18. An action packed season finale, the hit HBO vampire series wrapped up a lot of story lines … but also left fans with some questions.

New episodes of “True Blood” won’t be airing until June 2014, but we’re breaking down some speculation and theories for season 7:

Eric’s Death

Did Eric die in the season 6 finale? We’re not 100% sure … but we’re going to say no.

In episode nine Eric flew off into the sky after rescuing the vampires from the prison camp. Confused at where he could be flying off to, Pam revealed to Tara in episode 10 that she was going to go out after him. (“You two are the worst f*ckin’ makers.”)

When Warlow was staked by Jason all the vampires with his blood in them lost their ability to walk in the sun. Fortunately most of them stayed in Bon Temps where it was night time. Unfortunately for Eric he had traveled to Sweden to tan naked in the snowy mountains while reading a book.

“True Blood” took a six-month jump in “Radioactive” … but not before showing Eric bursting into flames in the sun.

So did Eric meet the true death? Will Pam get to him in time? Can’t he just bury himself under some snow? Our theory is that the “True Blood” head honchos are just toying with viewers … and wouldn’t dare face the wrath of Eric Northman fans.

The New Bon Temps Plan

Thanks to Sam Merlotte, Bon Temps new mayor, the town has hatched a plan to try to protect its people from the Hep V infected vampires that have been making their way through small towns. Unfortunately not everyone is for the plan since it involves non-carrying Hep V humans to allow to be fed on by a clean vampire.

The Bon Temps town people were having a barbecue at Bellefleur’s Bar (formerly Merlotte’s) to mull it over, but the episode ended with a hoard of hungry and infected vampires heading toward the party. There will obviously be blood shed when season 7 premieres, but will the attack lead the people to team up with the friendly town vampires? Or could it be every man for himself in Bon Temps?

Jason And Violet

Jason has slept with A LOT of women throughout the past six seasons of “True Blood.” However in the finale he appeared to be in a serious monogamous relationship with Violet. Showing the couple six months down the line after the Warlow fiasco, it’s revealed that Jason built her a special light proof “girly” bedroom in his basement and has been performing sexual acts on her hundreds of times … with nothing in return.

Already fed up with not having sex, will Jason stay with Violet? He might have no choice in the matter since Violet claimed him, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Violet and Jessica had a major showdown over Jason in season seven.

Tara’s Mother

Lettie Mae has never been around for Tara, which made her apology and feeding offer a surprise in the season finale. “True Blood” fans will remember the heartbreaking showdown between the two women when her mother first discovered that she had been turned into a vampire. So has Lettie Mae finally seen the light of God and is really willing to accept her daughter?

The whole apology seemed fishy to us. We’re thinking that Lettie Mae might have actually tested positive for Hep V – and just infected her daughter.

Sookie Love Triangle

Will the Bill and Sookie love triangle never end?! After being horrendous to Sookie all season, Bill finally realized the mistake he made in sacrificing her to Warlow in exchange to blood. Fortunately he was able to rectify the situation but six months later he’s still pining over the blonde telepath.

With the town of Bon Temps asking Hep V negative humans to team up with clean vampires, Bill offers to protect Sookie. But Sookie is with Alcide now and the wolf wants the former vampire God to stay far away from her.

But does Bill really just want to protect Sookie and her precious faerie blood? Or is he just looking for a way to get back into Sookie’s life?

We’re absolutely smitten with the Alcide/ Sookie romance (because Eric appears to be out of the picture) so here’s hoping that Bill isn’t trying to weasel his way into her heart again.