True Detective
Are Hart's daughters involved in the case of the Yellow King? True Detective

“True Detective” has only two episodes left of its first season — and with that said, fans of the show are rolling up their sleeves and trying figure out who the Yellow King is before HBO reveals its best-kept secret. After watching and re-watching every episode that’s been aired, we’ve discovered some pretty alarming clues that has led us closer to finding out who the Louisiana killer is. But before we dive into our theories regarding Dora Lange’s murderer, we want to talk about something a little more relevant: the video Cohle shows Hart.

During episode 7, “After You’ve Gone,” which will air Sunday at 9 p.m., we learn that Cohle exposes the evidence he’s been collecting for 17 years to his former partner — including a video that makes Hart squeal.

“You know this sounds crazy to me,” Hart said, unconvinced that the Yellow King is still alive. That’s when Cohle got serious. “There’s something you’re going to have to look at,” he replied.

Cohle shows Hart a tape that makes him scream — and inevitably persuades him that the Yellow King is still out there. What’s on the tape that changes Hart’s mind? Well, we have a pretty solid theory: his kids. We know, we know — that’s not the typical scream a father would make if he saw his children in the hands of a killer. But Hart’s not a typical guy, now is he?

Originally, Hart’s scream threw us off, too, which is why we thought the video must have had to do something with children, just not his own. But after looking through the clues from the past six episodes, we started to doubt our original prediction. Here’s why:

Hart’s children have played a significant role in “True Detective” thus far. From their antics as children to the drama they’ve caused as adolescents, it seems everything his daughters do is worth paying attention to.

For example, remember when Hart’s oldest daughter, Audrey, was caught drawing images of naked men and women fornicating in school? Well, we think that moment is extremely crucial. Seriously, do you believe Nic Pizzolatto would create such a controversial scene without it having some meat to it? Audrey must have heard or seen something that would spark such a sketch, and from the looks of the man in her drawing, we think it might have something to do with the Yellow King.

In the picture, Audrey drew a naked woman whose breast was being fondled by a masked man with an erection. Could the masked man with an eerie smile be the masked man we saw in the photo during episode 7’s promo? And that's not the only drawing from Hart's daughters that correlate directly to the murders. Hart's home is full of swirly symbols.

In addition, Audrey has grown into a young woman with a broodingly dark quality about her. Perhaps it’s the heavy eyeliner that has fans weary, but for us it’s how comfortable she is getting into the backseat with more than one boy. Normally, we wouldn’t think twice about a ménage à trois on HBO. But something about the underage girl sliding into a vehicle so willingly strikes us as strange. Is Audrey used to having more than one partner? Is this because she’s somehow intertwined with the abusing “satanic cult” that’s been hurting women and children? We really don’t know for sure, but as we said before, we doubt Pizzolatto would make a fuss over a scene if it wasn’t important.

In addition to making blunt statements, the creator of “True Detectives” has also snuck clues in throughout the series. Remember the scene where Hart’s daughters were playing with dolls? Well, the positioning of the Barbies was a bit strange if you ask us. With a naked Barbie laying in the middle, five clothed Ken dolls surround her, two on their knees. Are the girls subconsciously re-enacting something they’ve seen?

True Detective season 1 episode 7
OK, we can't be the only ones freaked out by this. Are Hart's daughters somehow involved with the Yellow King? True Detective

Our last piece of evidence that leads to Audrey being on the tape is that whatever Hart saw on the video would have to be so soul-crushing that he’d forget his feud with Cohle in order to work together and solve the case. And the only thing we could imagine Hart letting go of his pride for is his daughters. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to check out “True Detectives” Sunday night at 9 p.m. to finally find out what Cohle showed Hart.