Two Palestinian protesters who infiltrated Israel from Syria during the Sunday demonstrations at Israeli borders were banished on Tuesday.

Two people who infiltrated the Golan Heights from Syria were expelled through Quneitra, a military spokesperson said, referring to a crossing post situated on the United Nations-supervised armistice line between Syria and Israel.

Army radio said the protesters were a man and a woman but no further details were given.

Nearly a dozen protesters crossed over the armistice line into the Golan Heights on Sunday.

Israeli police were also searching houses in Majdal Shams, which is the largest pro-Syrian town in the Golan.

The other two Palestinians who were detained on Monday remained in custody. One of them, Hassan Hijazi, will appear in court to face accusations of illegally entering Israel on Tuesday afternoon, the army radio reported.

Hijazi, 28, managed to travel from Golan to Jaffa, Israel's Mediterranean coast. He is an employee of the Syrian education ministry, reports said.

The Israeli Defense forces opened fire on the protesters at four different borders, Erez in Gaza, near Ramallah in the West Bank, on the Golan Heights and at the border with Lebanon. Four were killed near the Golan Heights and 10 more demonstrators were killed on the Lebanese border.