“The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, episode 18, had quite a body count. Caroline (Candice Accola) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) were on a warpath, but Damon (Ian Somerhalder) thought he could stop them. If anyone could bring Stefan’s humanity back, it was their mother Lily (Annie Wersching). However, Damon also had to worry about Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) humanity. As he hid the cure for vampirism from her, she made it clear that she longed to be human again.

Stefan and Caroline seemed to be having lots of fun with death as the episode started. Caroline killed a guy by compelling him into thinking he was having a heart attack, his throat was closing up and spiders were all over him. They had a bet that if Caroline could literally scare him to death, Stefan would have to partake in karaoke. Though Caroline technically cheated by compelling the man, she still won the bet.

Unfortunately, Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Matt (Zach Roerig) walked into the shop where Caroline was singing. Stefan had compelled everyone to pay attention to her, and he wasn’t about to let the boys leave.

The blonde vampire decided to play “Caroline Trivia” with the boys. The loser would be killed. They knew all of the right answers until Caroline asked about her mother’s last memory before she died. Neither of them had been told about that, so they couldn’t answer the question.

Stefan came in and answered the question for the boys, and Caroline determined that they had to kill both of their former friends. Tyler threw a chair to get a piece of wood for a stake, but Caroline used Matt as a shield. Tyler ended up staking his friend.

Meanwhile, Lily was trying to be a good mother now that she was back in the present day. She made Damon and Elena breakfast and tried to get to know her son’s girlfriend. She asked Elena if she missed being human, and Elena was suddenly uncomfortable as she admitted that she occasionally did miss it. Damon wanted her to change the subject immediately.

That led to other topics that Damon wanted to avoid. Lily was ready to get her friends who were trapped in 1904 back to the present as soon as possible. She knew that an upcoming meteor shower could be a celestial event, exactly what they needed to go back to the prison world.

They were suddenly interrupted when Elena got a call from Jo (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) to let her know that there were dead bodies showing up at Whitmore. She had to go to the hospital to see if Stefan and Caroline were behind it.

Damon drove his mother to to the college after they knew Stefan was nearby. Lily revealed that she heard Damon’s conversation with Bonnie (Kat Graham) about the cure. She knew that he wasn’t telling Elena because he feared losing her.

While they were looking for Stefan, Lily worried that Stefan wouldn’t remember her and that she wasn’t capable of helping her son. Damon told her to channel the feelings she had when she came back for them – but she was never actually coming back for the boys. She just happened to be going to New York in 1904. Lily told Damon that by the time she found her "new family," all of her feelings for Damon and Stefan were gone. She’d been trying to reconnect with her emotions from her human life, but she just couldn’t. She said she didn’t love her sons.

Damon still needed her, but Lily wasn’t sure she could trust her son. He gave her the ascendant to gain her faith. When they walked into the shop, they found Stefan and Caroline taunting Tyler as he tried to make sure Matt was all right. However, Lily’s sudden entrance silenced Stefan. Damon tossed Tyler the keys to his car, so they could escape. 

Once Caroline realized Lily was there to bring Stefan’s humanity back, she staked Stefan in the chest (not the heart) so she could get away from him. After all, Stefan’s humanity could flip her switch too.

After Stefan was healed and Caroline was gone, Lily revealed that she was a ripper and said he got it from her. “Last time I saw you was the day of my funeral,” she said. “You weren’t imagining it. I was you angel.”

She gave a very heartfelt speech where she said she wished she could’ve protected him from his father. She said that she was coming back for them when she was trapped in the prison world. However, it was all Damon’s lines. Damon fed her the entire speech beforehand, but Stefan thought it was genuine. His humanity was turned back on. Stefan immediately knew he had to find Caroline.

Meanwhile, Elena and Jo had to take care of all of the victims Stefan and Caroline didn’t kill. It made Elena more aware of how she could change in an instant. “This is just one big reminder that there will always be a part of me that is capable of doing this,” Elena said.

Elena also discovered Jo was pregnant, and the doctor knew Elena was jealous. She asked Elena if she talked to Damon about her feelings on family and the future, and Elena said there wasn’t much of a point. They couldn’t change anything.

She had to focus on saving her friends. Tyler brought Matt in, and Elena immediately wanted to give him her blood to heal him. Yet Matt refused the magical cure. Doctors and human methods saved him, and Matt told Elena that he didn’t plan to take vampire blood anymore. “I can’t say that I hate vampires and then use them to my advantage. I can’t have it both ways,” he explained.

Later, Elena told Damon that she wanted to throw Jo a baby shower. She said she felt guilty for her jealous reaction. “I always wanted a family before, you know. It’s kind of a bummer of a reminder that it’s never going to happen for me,” she revealed.

Damon asked her about if things were different, and Elena didn’t want to think about it. Jo interrupted them and said that they needed to get the ascendant back. Before she was sent to the prison world, Lily fell in with a group of witches who were outcasts from the Gemini coven, and she turned them into vampires. They were the ones in the prison world with her. They could siphon power the same way Kai (Chris Wood) could, but they had the bloodlust of a vampire – a dangerous combination.

Elsewhere, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) revealed to Sarah (Tristin Mays) that he feared Lily. She turned him into a vampire right before she was sent to the prison world. “She made me a monster, then abandoned me,” he said.

He was going to do the same to Sarah, but then he decided not to. He was going to compel her into going away forever, but she promised not to look for her family. He actually let her go, and it seems like his plotline with Stefan's niece might actually be over. 

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