Fans of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, or the reality show The Jersey Shore, should not bother trying to watch them on Google TV.

Viacom announced today it is blocking all of its content on Google TV devices. This makes Viacom yet another content provider to have blocked all of its programming on the internet TV platform. A month prior, Hulu blocked all of its Hulu Plus content from Google TV, which left shows from major networks such as Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC off Google TV. The platform is on two devices currently, a Sony Internet TV or a Logitech Revue.

Networks such as Comedy Central, MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon are all under the Viacom corporate umbrella.

We're blocking access to our full episode content from Google TV's Web browser.  We continue to evaluate Google TV to identify opportunities where it may make sense to optimize our web content for the platform, a Viacom spokesperson said in a statement.

A Google spokesman said while Google is excited about the possibilities the Google TV platform offers for content creators, is ultimately the content owner's choice to restrict access to their content.