On June 27, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann formally announced her 2012 Republican candidacy.

Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama will be a one-term president, Bachmann, a conservative member of the House of Representatives from Minnesota, said in announcing her candidacy with a blistering critique of the Democratic president. Bachmann's announcement speech was full of rhetoric against Obama, memories of her Iowa childhood years and her rock-solid devotion to conservative principles of low taxes and low government spending, Reuters reported Monday.

According to the latest Rasmussen poll of Republican primary voters, which was released last week, Bachmann had come second behind Romney, with 19 percent votes against Romney's 33 percent. Other contends like Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul were far behind.

Bachmann will be quite an energetic hopeful, and a bold choice as the Congresswoman described herself. She may also follow the path of Sarah Palin, whom she referred to as her good friend.

“We need a bold president because we’re in an era where we have to do big things, not small things. ... I take on the opposition party, but I take on my own party as well, because I believe it is principle over party. That’s what comes first,” said Bachmann this morning.

The same morning of June 28, Michele Bachmann made another gaffe in 'Good Morning America' by getting basic facts of colonial U.S. history wrong when she called Jon Quincy Adams a 'founding father.'

Here's what Bachmann said, If you look at one of our Founding Fathers, John Quincy Adams, that's absolutely true. He was a very young boy when he was with his father serving essentially as his father's secretary. He tirelessly worked throughout his life to make sure that we did in fact one day eradicate slavery.

As her interviewer George Stephanopoulos reminded her that Adams was the sixth President of the U.S., and not a Founding Father, Bachmann responded saying, Well, John Quincy Adams most certainly was a part of the Revolutionary War era. He was a young boy but he was actively involved.

Bachmann's history mix-up comes as no suprise. She has made a gaffe in March 2011 when she said New Hampshire was the state where the shot was heard 'round the world at Lexington and Concord,' while history says the America's war for independence was first began in Massachusetts.

Farther back in January, Bachmann invoked her love of the Founding Fathers who worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the United States, while history tells that the founders of America were rather slave owners who ignored slavery.

Here are some videos of Michele Bachmann's glorious history of gaffes and speeches.

John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father - June 28, 2011

People that Barach Obama has been associated with are Anti-American by and large - October, 2008

I introduce the light bulb freedom of choice act! (applause)
President Bachmann will allow you to buy any light bulb you want in the United States of America! (applause) - June 17, 2011

Manmade global warming doesn't make any sense because Carbon dioxide is a natural byproduct of nature. It occurs in earth. - April, 2009

Some more gaffe

9.1% unemployment is not the bump in the road, that's the Grand Canyon in the middle of the road
I don't think Barack Obama has the public's support for a second time - June, 2011

Michele Bachmann speaks of 2012 presidential run, in March 2011