Photo of Whitney Houston, adopted son Nick Gordon, and biological daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. Source:

Nick Gordon, the so-called secret son of Whitney Houston, made tabloid headlines today for Houston matriarch Cissy's insistence that he leave Whitney's old house in Atlanta, thinking that he's a bad influence on granddaughter Bobbi Kristina.

But despite claims by TMZ that Cissy wants Nick Gordon, who Whitney Houston adopted about a decade ago after his mother was unable to care for him and treated as a son, out of the family compound in Atlanta, Bobbi Kristina has different plans, reports Hollywood Life.

Cissy Houston is worried sick about Bobbi Kristina, a family friend told the publication. She tried to convince her to move back to New Jersey so she could be closer to Whitney's side of the family, but apparently, Krissy wants to stay in Atlanta. The two have apparently been clashing ever since Whitney's death, mainly about Bobbi Kristina's lifestyle and where she'll be living.

Bobbi Kristina is determined to continue living in the same house she lived in with her mom these past years, the source said. As far as Nick Gordon is concerned, he is like her brother, and I seriously doubt Cissy will be able to evict him from the house. He is Krissy's closest friend right now.

Nick Gordon is also repeatedly an heir to part of Whitney Houston's estate, although questions have been raised about whether there will even be anything left over once creditors take what's owed to them.

According to a well-placed anonymous source quoted by music industry insider Wayne Rosso, Whitney had been borrowing from her $100 million deal with Sony, and even the bump her album sales have gotten in the weeks since her death is not enough to put her estate back in the black.

Whitney would most likely occupy the Number One position on the Billboard album charts every week for the next six months for that to happen, Rosso wrote.

That ain't going to happen, his source said. The reality is that her estate probably won't see a royalty check from Sony in our least.

So even if Bobbi Kristina manages to hold back her grandmother and keep brother Nick in the house, they'll soon have to deal with another pressing issue: debt. Can they keep up their lifestyle under the crushing load in the same house where Whitney lived in? Only time will tell.