Whitney Houston's long-time friend Robyn Crawford has reportedly gone into hiding after Oprah Winfrey's interview with the singer's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, her brother Gary and his wife Pat.

According to E! Online, Crawford, who wrote a piece on Houston for Esquire, has decided to hide from the media after the Oprah interview has left more unanswered questions about the singer's death. Crawford noted in the article that she met Houston when the singer was just 16 years old while working a summer job in New Jersey.

Crawford was said to be Houston's best friend and former assistant.

She's just gone into hiding, a source close to Crawford reportedly told E!. She has had to go underground. She doesn't want anything to do with the media.

Houston died on Feb. 11 and the cause of death is still unknown. Houston's family conducted their first interview since her death with Oprah and it aired on March 11. In the interview, Bobbi Kristina told Oprah that she intends to carry on her mother's legacy through acting and singing. Gary Houston and his wife, Pat, spoke about coping after Whitney Houston's death, who found the body, the National Enquirer casket photo leak, and tried to clear up what the singer's life was like in the days and weeks before her death.

However, neither could have said how Houston died.

E! reported that the negative attention has caused Crawford to avoid the media.

She has been pursued without discrimination by the paparazzi, the press, she's practically been attacked. She's had to call the police, the source said. She just doesn't want to grieve publicly, it's as simple as that.