Wii U, the next addition to the long-running line of Nintendo consoles, will be available Nov. 18, Wii U Daily reports. A Japanese retailer emailed the website, revealing the launch date, which almost directly matches up to its predecessor's Nov. 19 release in 2006.

The new console will hit U.S. stores on the specified date, but no word has been released about when the device will sell in the U.K. The email circulated among the staff at a Japanese game store called Media Land, one of the most popular shops of its kind in Tokyo. Nintendo confirmed that its successor to the Wii would launch in time for the holiday season, but didn't reveal any specific details.

The email didn't specify whether the Nov. 18 date was a target for Nintendo or if the company had set it aside for an official launch date.

November seems to be an important month for the video game industry. Along with popular titles releasing their next editions, it's a favorite time for companies to launch their next big console. The PlayStation 3 was launched on Nov. 11, 2006, and its major competitor the Xbox 360 was released the year before on Nov. 22. Its predecessor was also launched in November 2001, along with Nintendo's GameCube.

The iconic gaming company's next release will once again change up the controller concept, with a remote/tablet sporting its very own screen. This widens the scope of gaming opportunities, allowing for 3-D gameplay and aerial views.

But will Nintendo's Wii successor prevail among the gaming community? With other consoles such as the Xbox 720 in the works, it is unclear whether the Wii U will attract the hardcore gaming following or the casual family-centered players like its predecessor.