Google’s “What Do You Love” search tool came to life a few weeks ago, but the search engine giant made an official announcement only on Wednesday on its official blog.

The newest search tool has combines nearly all of Google’s services and features into a single page. Google’s aim is to provide people with the products they are searching in an enhanced way, which is fun and interesting. Google’s “What Do You Love” search tool

“Type in something that you love—polar bears, space travel, pickup trucks, Lady Gaga, early Foghat—whatever strikes your fancy (for some reason, the results for cheese always crack us up, so try that if you’re momentarily stumped),” wrote Andy Berndt, VP, Creative Lab. “No matter what it is, we’ll give you back something that will let you get even more into what you love.”

The new WDYL website has been developed to cover your searched word in a variety of ways. For instance, the word “superman” will give you varied search results in panels. You can find books related to the word, get the latest news on it and even start a discussion group with the word. The company, however, said the website will work better if you search broader topics. WDYL screenshot

Other services such as Image Search, Trends, Google Maps, Calendar and SketchUp have also been added.

You can watch the “What Do You Love” video below: